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Will Wright’s TV Show, Bar Karma, Allows Viewers to Submit Ideas for Episodes

Best known for SimCity and The Sims, game designer Will Wright has a name and television channel for his proposed show that we wrote about a few months ago.

Bar Karma will air on Current TV, the relatively new cable channel co-founded by Al Gore.

In true Will Wright fashion, the show aims to allow viewers to submit story ideas and storyboards, then vote on which ones will be approved for filming. Sadly, for viewers and probably Will Wright’s initial vision, the stories submitted by users have to be based on rough outlines from the producers of the show, pigeonholing the creativity of the stories to a “we tell you what to do, but you get to flesh it out” kind of scenario.

This isn’t the first attempt to intricately connect the creation of a TV show to its viewers, as the Syfy Channel, back when it was the Sci-Fi Channel, was attempting a television show where players in an MMO based on the show could change the show’s direction and the show’s direction could affect the players in the game.

(via Arts Beat)

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