Two vampires, Armand and Louis, stand with a man, Daniel, in 'Interview with the Vampire.'

Will This Canon Relationship Be in ‘Interview with the Vampire’ Season 2?

More vampire boyfriends!

We know season two of Interview with the Vampire is on its way in 2024. Although I am counting the minutes until Louis and Lestat are together again, I’m also wondering if we will see another couple from the book series in the second season.

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After seeing the first look at season two of Interview, I had to go back and do another rewatch of the epic first season. I’m a fan of the Vampire Chronicles book series by Anne Rice, so this show has given me what I have always wanted. Yes, there was the movie from the 1990s, but the new series is, to me, a more accurate interpretation. Louis (Jacob Anderson) and Lestat (Sam Reid) are exactly who I needed them to be. And their chemistry is off the charts when they are on screen together.

On this viewing, I tried to focus less on my beloved Louis and Lestat, and look at other clues the creators added in to see where the second season is going. In the last episode, it was revealed that Louis’s new boyfriend, Rashid, is actually the ancient vampire Armand (Assad Zaman). So we know we will see how Armand and Louis met and what awaits Claudia on their European vacation. My big question is, will Daniel and Armand’s relationship in the book series also play a part in the show?

More vampire boyfriends?

In the book series, a young Daniel interviews Louis and learns all about vampires. After leaving Louis, he meets Lestat and wants to become a vampire because even though Louis thinks he is a cautionary tale, we all walk away wanting to be vampires. Daniel then seeks out the powerful vampire Armand. When the two of them meet, sparks fly and they become companions. Eventually, Armand makes Daniel into a vampire so they can be together forever. They are like Louis and Lestat without the massive toxic drama.

The show reimagines the timeline of the books. Daniel interviewed Louis once, many years ago, and is doing it again to try and get the real story. Now that Daniel is, as he calls himself, an old man who is sober, he thinks he can get more out of Louis and turn the interview into a book. As someone with lived experience, and going through the early stages of a terrible disease, Daniel has a different perspective of the world now too.

Although Daniel has been married to women, there is room to think he isn’t 100% straight. He claims he frequented the gay bar in San Francisco for drugs in the 1970s. That feels like a flimsy excuse, especially when we see a flashback to their conversation. Armand and Daniel (Eric Bogosian) interact throughout the interview Daniel has with Louis. During the process, Daniel recalls Armand being there the night Daniel met Louis in a bar when the first interview happened.

Even when Daniel thinks Armand is the human Rashid, he seems strangely focused on him. Daniel talks kind of meanly about Armand, downplaying his importance and focusing on his pretty looks. When Armand reveals he is a vampire, Daniel seems awestruck. Honestly, I think Daniel has the hots for Armand with or without the powers. Also, Armand seems drawn to or intrigued by Daniel, who is so much different than himself or Louis. It’s an interesting dynamic from the outside, too. Armand is over 300 years old but looks to be in his early twenties, while Daniel looks older to us but is very young compared to the vampire. It’s only a matter of time before Daniel and Armand are together and the AMC series will do them justice.

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