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Will ‘No Game No Life’ Ever Return for Season 2?

With all this kickass anime coming out, I have to wonder if this little gem called No Game No Life will be allowed to sparkle once more in the sun. Or will it be another victim of the Only One Season Curse?

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Maybe we could play a game to determine if No Game No Life is returning for season 2.

If I summarize the plot of NGNL better than William Shakespeare could summarize Hamlet, I demand that the Anime Game Gods immediately renew No Game No Life for two, nay, THREE more seasons. Thusly, I begin.

Two children, both alike in cunning,

In fair Imanity, where we lay our scene

On ancient games must stake their fates

And with their vic’try, win humanity’s dream

Many opponents must they face

That hail from lands both near and far

Who, plotting conspiracy, intend to break

The children’s will, and cross for ill their stars

But shall the children face defeat?

Or, with the help of friends, shall succor claim?

That, my friends, is a bean only time shall spill

And so begins the contest of the games!

So … did I do it?

…guess not.

Will there be another season of No Game No Life?

Yeah, I just checked Twitter. Apparently the creator of No Game No Life recently posted about the future of the story (though he said nothing about my soliloquy). Here’s what Yuu Kamiya had to say:

“Will there be a second season of No Game No Life?’ so many times from all over the world, that now I can even know when they are asking me even without having to translate it. The answer is always the same: ‘I as an author would also like to know [ as well ]”

It seems that the studio has told Yuu nothing, and he’s just as in the dark as we are. However, it seems that the reason for the lack of a second season isn’t money, it’s quality.

“So I cannot tell you what is the reason why there is no second season, but it is not a problem of money, much less with someone else. Perhaps the problem is that ‘it was done too well’, so much so that it is difficult to make a second season with the same quality.”

The first season of No Game No Life was done so well that it seems the creators are worried about lining up the right talent to MATCH IT. Which is … fair? But did they really have to make us wait NINE YEARS—so far—without an end in sight? I wanna change the rules of this game. Or maybe just rage quit it for good.

(featured image: Madhouse)

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