Buddy Daddies - Kazuki, Miri, Rei
(P.A. Works)

Will There Be a ‘Buddy Daddies’ Season 2?

Buddy Daddies was one of the most beloved action comedy anime series of 2023, and fans are eagerly waiting for a season two announcement!

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Buddy Daddies follows the unorthodox family life of Kazuki Kurusu, Rei Suwa, and Miri Unasaka. The anime garnered immense love from the anime community, and even won the “Best Original Anime” award at the 8th Crunchyroll Anime Awards in 2024.

The series was also nominated for “Best Comedy,” while Miri Unasaka was nominated for the “Must Protect At All Costs” character category! With its popularity, fans are waiting day-by-day for a season two announcement. But is it going to get one?

Will Buddy Daddies get a season two?

As of writing, there is no official announcement regarding season two for Buddy Daddies.

Buddy Daddies - Rei, Miri, Kazuki
(P.A. Works)

Since the series is original and not based on a manga, there is no source material to animate for a new season, so if a new season is in the works, it will likely take a few years to be ready for airing. As of writing, there is no news of a manga or light novel adaptation of Buddy Daddies.

However, demand from fans for season two is high. With this in mind, it is not impossible for another season of Buddy Daddies to be produced.

What is Buddy Daddies about?

Buddy Daddies follows the life of a family of three who are not related to each other by blood. Kazuki Kurusu and Rei Suwa, the “daddies” of the house, are actually two assassins who live under one roof. Prior to the introduction of Miri, they worked together as partners and roommates.

Miri ends up in the care of Kazuki and Rei after she unknowingly ruins one of their missions. On Christmas Eve, she arrives in Tokyo to search for her biological father. She stumbles upon a hotel, where Kazuki and Rei’s plans are in motion, and ends up taken hostage by the target. To save her life, Kazuki claims to be Miri’s biological father, causing Miri to jump into his arms, allowing Rei to shoot their target … who happens to actually be Miri’s biological father.

Buddy Daddies - Kazuki, Miri, Rei
(P.A. Works)

With their jobs as assassins and the responsibility of taking care of Miri, Buddy Daddies is an adorable yet action-packed anime that shows how families can be forged even in the most unique situations.

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