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Will Netflix’s New Superhero Hit Get a Second Season?

The hit Netflix series Supacell is one of the more unique shows airing right now, and its popularity has many fans are probably wondering if there will be a Supacell season 2.

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Supacell was created by Rapman, a British rapper, producer, and screenwriter who makes various hip hop-related projects. The show is centered around a group of five individuals who develop superpowers that come from their genetic history of sickle cell disease. According to the CDC, sickle cell is a rare blood disorder that tends to affect Hispanic and Black people more often.

As said by Coming Soon.net, season 2 for Supacell has yet to be confirmed, but there’s a good chance it will get one, given the strong reception for season 1. The first season of the show launched on June 27, 2024 on Netflix. Season 2 is likely to come out on the same platform.

What makes Supacell unique is its strong Black identity that runs throughout the whole show. The all-Black main cast and how they deal with sickle cell, something which historically has been an overlooked problem affecting Black communities, brings both social commentary and flair to an otherwise still majority-white superhero landscape.

Supacell also focuses more on how superpowers change these characters’ personal lives rather than the typical fighting crime and saving the day stories this genre is known for. It helps push Black inclusivity in superhero film and TV in the same way Black Panther and Spider-Verse helped do with their Black-dominated stories.

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