The WikiLeaks Rap

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Australian indymedia collective TheJuiceMedia has put together a quite funny and clever rap video satirizing the media and military responses to WikiLeaks‘ recent leak of tens of thousands of classified “military field reports” about the war in Afghanistan. While it might seem like a slog at a full six minutes, which is a little long, it holds together nicely.

While jaded reporters and angry-faced generals are the obvious targets here, we quite like the video’s take on the ridiculously blond WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange (above left) and most of all on conspiracy theorist “Terence Moonseed,” who knows WikiLeaks is obviously a CIA ploy and who manages to compare it and Assange to Draco Malfoy, a Decepticon, and Saruman in the space of about 15 seconds. It’s all there in the hourglass.

(via WikiLeaks’ Twitter)

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