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Lorraine Cink Of Marvel’s The Watcher Tells Us Why The New Female Thor Is So Important

You tell 'em, sis.

We here at The Mary Sue are all incredibly excited for the new Thor – but it’s great to hear that the folks at Marvel are stoked about it, too. Super-rad redhead Lorraine Cink, host of Marvel’s “The Watcher,” took this week’s episode to tell us all why the new female incarnation of Thor is important, both to women and to comics. Frigga would be proud.

The video also features some new preview pages and character designs, which is pretty cool. Lorraine makes a lot of great points, but my favorite thing has to be what she says about why the Thor moniker itself is necessary:

“By not changing the character’s name to “Lady Thor,” or “She-Thor,” or “Thorette,” you are thereby imbuing that equal power (the power of Thor, in this case) to a woman. […] Thor is a symbol of power, of strength, of import. It is meaningful to those of us who do not see our faces on every page; it is meaningful to those who don’t always feel like the world will give them the opportunity to wield the power.”

Preach. I think I’m just going to send the link to this video to anyone who complains about new Thor.

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