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Why Is Rey’s Lightsaber Yellow?

Because it's lemon scented?

Because it’s lemon scented? Because Daredevil was seen wearing a yellow suit and she wanted to do him one better? She’s sponsored by the yellow M&M?

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Okay, well, I just did a little research and I actually found out that the only people who have yellow bladed lightsabers are the Jedi Temple Guard. And they don’t really have lightsabers at all. They use more of a light pike. Light quarterstaff? I don’t know, it’s got lightsaber blades coming out both ends. It’s like the lightsaber version of a double ended dildo.

It’s never really explained why Rey’s lightsaber is yellow. After all, it used to be blue until it got broken in a battle with Kylo Ren. Rey reforged her lightsaber during the First Order-Resistance War, so when she did it, maybe she picked a yellow lightsaber because she wants to carry on the legacy of the Jedi Sentinels from ages past? After all, the Jedi Sentinels were chosen from the best of the best of Jedi Knights. Maybe by having a yellow lightsaber she hopes the badassery of Jedi past will echo through the corridors of time and be passed down to her. I bet the Force could pull some shit like that, right?

It could also just be because yellow is her color and she wants to be unique. She wants to stand out and not be like all the other unoriginal bitches who use tired old blue lightsabers. Maybe it’s because she’s a fucking trendsetter. Ever think of that?

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