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Wholock is an Amazingly Well Done Fan Mashup of Doctor Who and Sherlock

Fire up your keyboards for some fanfiction, folks. You're about to get some inspiration.

What do you get when you combine footage from Doctor WhoSherlock, and some impressive fan-made visual effects? Aside from every fan’s dream, you get Wholock, a mashup in which the greatest British detective and the greatest British mad-man-with-a-box team up. BBC, can we please have this crossover for real?

The whole thing plays like a teaser trailer for an upcoming team up between Sherlock Holmes and the Doctor, and now we can’t help feeling like we wouldn’t mind seeing a season or so of that.

We would’ve been way less impressed (and not a bit surprised) if the video hadn’t been much more than scenes from the two shows cut together, but Wholock‘s creator, YouTuber John Smith, really surprised us with the visual effects he pulled off. If you want to take a look at how it was made, he put together another video showing how he accomplished the effects for the mashup.

(via WTAQ, image via John Smith on YouTube)

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