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Who Is Stalking Joe in ‘You’ Season 4? Answered

Joe's the one being watched this time around.

Joe Goldberg with razor wire in You s4

Joe Goldberg is back, and he’s yet again struggling to grapple with who he is as a person. You needs to let him embrace that he’s horrible, rather than having him justify his actions or giving him moments where he’s humanized. But I’m not here to talk about my gripes with the decisions of the writers. I’m here to tell you about who is stalking Joe in You season 4.

Yes, that’s right, Joe (played by Pen Badgley) is being stalked by someone again. And it’s not Love (Victoria Pedretti) this time around. Sorry if you were holding onto hope for our favorite murderous queen. It’s not looking good for some soap opera-esque return to our screens. If you didn’t narrow down the suspects, the stalker is somewhat of a surprise.

Who is Stalking Joe this season?


You season 4 has managed to capture a different feeling this time around. Of course, the show has its problems (for example, Joe acting like he can erase everything he’s done), and it’s nowhere near a perfect series by any stretch of the imagination. Does that matter? Hell no. If you’re still watching, you’re down for Joe’s nutty ride in the UK. He gains a new stalker, and it’s a man this time around.

Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers) initially appears to be the most normal of the socialites Joe has surrounded himself with. And there’s certainly chemistry between Joe and Rhys that’s very intriguing. Much to Joe’s shock, Rhys is the so-called “Eat the Rich” killer. He’s also the one stalking Joe this season. If I’m being honest, the reveal was not as surprising for me as it was delightful. I’m very much shipping these two. Sorry not sorry.

In “The Fox and the Hound” (Season 4, Episode 5), Rhys revealed his identity as the killer and stalker. It was unhinged in all the right ways. Not to mention the homoeroticism (intentional or otherwise) that’s plain as day between these two. And the way Rhys isn’t bothering to be in denial about enjoying what he does.

Part 2 may fall apart and not even play with the idea that Joe secretly enjoys Rhys being obsessed with him. But hey, at least we got some answers during Part 1 that aren’t left dangling until March.

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