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Who Is Actually Brewing That Right-Wing Grifter’s Ultra-Conservative Beer? Maybe No One!

Are you not embarrassed? This is really embarrassing.

Two people cheers glasses of beer at a bar.

It seems like brewing “anti-woke” beer isn’t as easy as one would think.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, for almost a month now, conservatives have been screeching about a single brand deal Bud Light did with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney. After Mulvaney posted a story to her Instagram where she can be drinking Bud Light, conservatives lost their minds and announced they were boycotting the brand and also destroying beer they already bought. They complained that Bud Light had gone “woke” and seemed to be looking for a beer that actively hates queer people as much as they do, I guess. Almost immediately, one grifter stepped up to the plate to make a beer for people “who know which restroom to use”(???).

Seth Weathers, the founder of Freedom Speaks Up—an absolutely unhinged right-wing brand that sells shirts bearing messages like “Eat Steak, Lift Weights, Be Uncensorable, Screw the Government”—has created his own conservative brand of beer aptly named “Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right 100% Woke-Free American beer.” According to the absolutely cringey video Weathers posted to his Twitter, brands like Bud Light have succumbed to the “woke mind virus.” Weathers’ beer, meanwhile, is all about family values and other pandering drivel. And, for the low price of $19.99 for a six-pack of beer that will ship out in a month, he promised bigots they can have their beer and drink it, too.

Once Weathers announced this incredibly stupid product, there was just one question on everyone’s mind: who was going to brew it? According to the Ultra Right Beer website, it’s allegedly being brewed in Illinois, which is odd since it’s illegal to send beer through the mail in Illinois and that’s how Weathers plans on getting the product to his customers. Naturally, Reddit users went wild theorizing about who would be the ones to bottle this piss water, with some guessing it would be Goose Island as their beer is brewed in Chicago. However, thanks to a statement posted to Twitter last week, we finally got our answer.

Who will be brewing Ultra Right Beer?

As it turns out, no one! Thanks to a tip given to Mike Zoller, beer editor of, Weathers tried to get Bent River Brewing Company to brew his beer, but seemed to forget to get a confirmation in writing as the brewery immediately backtracked on his offer once they realized what the product was.

Zoller posted Bent River’s statement on the matter to Twitter in which the company explained that, once they became aware of what the product was, they “chose to pass on producing it.” And, to make matters worse, Weathers used Bent River’s name on the Ultra Right Beer website without their knowledge, which implied that they would be the ones brewing his beer.

Weathers reportedly used Bent River’s name in parts of the Ultra Right Beer’s website texts but as the brewery told the Daily Dot, they “declined” after being “referred as a potential contract brewer.”

Ultra Right Beer has not released a statement on this hilariously embarrassing blunder, but I think Weathers’ actions and the absence of any legitimate business willing to partner with him speak for themselves.

Another conservative grift that’s crashing and burning in real-time. You love to see it!

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