Ser Otto Hightower, back to the camera, looks at his grandson, King Aegon and Ser Criston Cole in House of the Dragon season 2 episode 2

Fans Theorize About a Key Player’s Introduction in ‘House Of The Dragon’

House of the Dragon season 2 has begun on a bloody note, with the first two episodes depicting two shocking deaths. The war between the Blacks and the Greens is likely to begin soon, which serves as an opportunity for the writers to introduce new characters.

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Potential spoilers for House of the Dragon, The World of Ice and Fire, Fire & Blood, The Rise of the Dragon, and The Princess and the Queen ahead

One of these characters is potentially going to be Benjicot Blackwood, a.k.a. Bloody Ben, the lord of Raventree Hall and chieftain of House Blackwood during the events of Dance of the Dragons. Speculations are rife amongst fans about the possibility of Benjicot featuring in the third episode of season 2, as they believe he is the character shown briefly in the action-packed episode 3 preview (at the 0:07 mark).

However, there is no way to confirm this fan theory, as there hasn’t been any official word on it from HBO Max in any form. One of the two factors that slightly validate the fans’ conjecture is that a part of the next episode is going to be based in the Riverlands (following Daemon’s decision to fly out to Harrenhal), which is where Benjicot Blackwood resides according to the books. The other element to be taken into account is that an IMDb cast page for episode 3 has listed Jerry Wilder playing the role of “Blackwood Lad,” who could turn out to be Benjicot.

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Blackwood plays a key role in the books, loyally fighting for Rhaenyra’s cause and emerging as a prominent military reader despite his inexperience. He earns the moniker “Bloody Ben” after leading his army to victory over Borros Baratheon at the Battle of Kingsroad, also known as the “Muddy Mess.” Before the battle against the Baratheons, Blackwood was also a central figure at the Second Battle of Tumbleton, ensuring the Blacks emerged triumphant.

Both of these events transpired after his coronation as Lord of Raventree Hall, a result of Samwell Blackwood’s death at the Battle of the Burning Mill. Fans of the Game of Thrones prequel will remember Samwell from season 1, as he is one of Rhaenyra’s suitors’ called upon by her father in a bid to get her hitched. A kid during his attempt at a courtship with Rhaenyra, Samwell grows up to side with her during the Targaryen Civil War despite the rejection.

Ben Blackwood goes on to have a long and healthy life in the books but is not known to have married or borne any children. Blackwood Junior is certainly one of the fan-favorite characters, and it would give a zesty flavor to the show if the writers decided to introduce him in the cauldron that is the war between the Greens and Blacks.

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