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‘Scream 6’ Ending Explained: Who is the ‘Scream 6’ Killer? ‘Scream 6’ Killer Revealed

Ghostface gets a new direction

Ghostface in NY in Scream 6

There’s literally no such thing as a horrible Scream, thus there’s no such thing as an awful Ghostface. Does that make sense? I mean, to me it does. Every single Ghostface reveal so far has been memorable enough to be discussed many times over. Scream VI (2023) broke tradition and took Ghostface in a different direction because, hey, it’s not about the movies or Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) this time!

The reveal for Scream VI wasn’t remotely what I expected (although it involved one of my suspects). And that’s part of what makes this 6th installment so fucking good. Don’t read ahead if you’re not fully prepared to be spoiled.

Who was Ghostface in Scream VI?

Major spoilers for Scream VI ahead!

Contrary to what people were hoping for, Stu Macher (Matthew Lillard) wasn’t behind the killing spree. Sure, it would be explosive if Stu somehow survived Scream (1996) and was in hiding all these years. But the killers this time around were indeed linked to a previous killer. Scream 5′s second Ghostface, Richie (Jack Quaid), as well as Quinn (Liana Liberato), Ethan (Jack Champion), and Detective Bailey (Dermot Mulroney) are the Ghostface killers in Scream VI.

Richie’s family came up with a disturbing plan to first cause chaos in Sam (Melissa Barrera)’s life by starting rumors that she set up both Richie and Amber (Mikey Madison) in Scream 5 (2022). Ethan and Quinn both infiltrated the lives of the Core Four (Sam, Tara, Mindy and Chad) as part of their revenge plot. Of course, they failed and were taken out by Sam and Tara. Because duh, they’re badass final girls!

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