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Donald Trump Finally Got His Wall: A Fence Around the White House Because He’s Scared of Protestors

Donald Trump gestures and makes a weird face during a press briefing.

Donald Trump’s entire platform in the 2016 election (let’s be real) was about how he was going to build a wall separating the (very much not united) States of America from Mexico. And he’s finally made good on his promise/fascist rally chant to build the wall—a fence around the White House that everyone is mocking because he’s afraid of protestors taking to the streets in the name of Black Lives Matter.

In the midst of the protests and riots happening around the country, the president has “inspected” (read: hid in) a bunker, tweeted that the demonstrators were “THUGS,” and said that if the protestors loot, he’ll let the police shoot—yet another racist throwback slogan. In a roundup of what NOT to do, Trump is checking off literally every single box.

Right now, though, he’s adding another fence to the White House. If you’ve ever seen a picture of the White House, there is already a fence, and it’s hard to get into, so this extra fence is just another way to mess with protestors, but many on Twitter took to mocking the president for his lack of ability to do the one thing he promised his followers he’d do.

So now … he got his wall, right?

(image: SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

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