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Here’s Where to Read the ‘My Hero Academia’ Manga

Want to read the popular hero academy manga? Find out how here.

One of the most popular Shonen Jump mangas is My Hero Academia, a manga that has been running since 2014. Set in a world where everyone has unique powers known as Quirks, many people go to school to learn how to become superheroes. The story revolves around a boy named Izuku Midoriya, who dreams of becoming a superhero himself but does not have a Quirk. He is scouted by great hero All Might and given his Quirk after All Might recognizes his potential. From there, the story shows Midoriya’s progress through hero school, his confrontations with villains, and more. If this premise sounds interesting to you, keep reading, because here you’ll find out where to read this manga.

Where to find ‘My Hero Academia’

The easiest way to read My Hero Academia is to read it on VIZ with a free account, and if you want, you can even order paperback copies of the manga through the VIZ website. There are various other sites that reupload the manga for reading, but for the best possible experience, it’s recommended to read it through VIZ’s Shonen Jump website. The whole manga is available to read online and can be read in order, so long as one has a Shonen Jump account. Overall, it’s pretty easy to find and read the manga online and this is the best place to get started.

Being that the series is readily available online, now is as good a time as any to start reading. There are a total of 35 volumes and 360 chapters as of this past week, which means that any dedicated reader will have their hands full when they start this manga.

(featured image: VIZ)

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