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Where Is Yelena’s Green Vest in Hawkeye?

We need to know about the pockets.

Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova in Black Widow

We met Yelena Belova (played by Florence Pugh) in Black Widow and one thing was instantly clear: She loves her vest. The first thing that she really bought for herself, the vest is green and has lots of pockets, a thing she gushes about to Natasha and gets excited when her sister tells her that it’s a cool vest. So where is it in Marvel and Disney+’s Hawkeye series?

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It is an extremely important part of Yelena as a character, as well as her story, because it ties back to Natasha in Avengers: Infinity War, and so tracking the trajectory of this vest, it seems what we thought we knew about the vest and the truth may be two different things—mainly that there might just be two different green vests in Yelena’s world.

In the first moment we see Yelena, she’s wearing what seems to be an all black outfit, but it does look like she has a vest on, just not the one with “pockets” that she has come to love. But what is interesting is that in Avengers: Infinity War, Natasha is wearing the green vest, and yet when we see Yelena in the beginning of Hawkeye episode 5, “Ronin,” she has the green vest on before she is snapped away by Thanos.

Two vests, one Yelena

So if Yelena Belova has the green vest on in the five years she’s gone and Natasha as the green vest on in the battle against Thanos and his army right before the snap, it means that Yelena convinced her sister to go and get her own vest, not giving it to her herself. That or, in the years between Black Widow and Infinity War, Yelena went and got herself a new one?

Natasha in the green vest in Infinity War

Is the vest that important? To Yelena, yes. It’s hers. She bought it for herself. She made it work for her and she convinced her sister that it was cool enough to get one for herself. As a little sister, that’s a pretty big deal outside of the fact that it is the first thing she really had that was fully hers and hers alone. Getting your bigger sibling to like something you found? It’s amazing, and for Yelena, that’s tied to this vest.

So is the best she has on at night green or did she get a black version? Does she have multiple vests that she likes wearing? These are all, strangely enough, important questions for Yelena as a character.

And when  you really think about it, Natasha is a poser … but with the vest.

Yelena saying you're a poser to Nat

Will we get a return of Yelena’s vest in the season finale of Hawkeye? It looks like she’s back to the all-black look, but again, it was dark in the original scene, so it could be the vest. We know that, regardless, Yelena has her green vest when she returns from the snap.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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