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Where is HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’ Filmed?

The last of you? No, 'The Last of Us!'

joel and ellie in The Last of Us series

The Last of Us, the critically acclaimed game that continues to be recognized in the horror world and beyond, is now being adapted as a TV show on HBO. And whether or not you’ve played the games (I haven’t yet—on my list!), it’s shaping up to be a damn cool horror series. Mutation? Post-apocalyptic world? Being forced to survive in that different, cruel world? Sounds like A+ horror to me. Also, does it make you think of I Am Legend (2007) at all? No? Just me?

Now, whether or not it’ll be executed properly is another question. That’s just the way it goes with highly-anticipated adaptations. Sometimes they’re successful, and other times, they’re really not. Depends on the people behind said project and how it’s handled. Though, from the sounds of it, HBO isn’t going to fuck this one up. They seem dedicated enough, as does the cast, from what I’ve read. So, crossing our fingers!

Where is ‘The Last of Us’ filming?

Though The Last of Us takes place primarily in the United States, the show was actually filmed in Calgary, Alberta (you’d be surprised at how many of your favorite shows are filmed in Canada). The filming locations can be found below:

  • High River
  • Fort Macleod
  • Rice Howard Way
  • Alberta Legislature Building
  • Canmore
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

According to Wikipedia:

Filming took place in High River and Fort Macleod in July 2021, in Downtown Edmonton in October, and in Canmore and Calgary in November.

You can expect to watch this upcoming series sometime in 2023. There’s been no formal release date revealed as of right now. But there’s still time! If you’re in my position, then maybe find a way to play the game(s). And then you’ll be even more excited.

(featured image: HBO)

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