Cameras Track Where Girls Look First: Butt, Crotch, Biceps or Eyes [Video]

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Thinkmodo, the people you can thank for iPad Head Girl, have embarked on another weird-but-kind-of-interesting ad campaign for the iPad-only magazine Cosmo For Guys. Here’s the setup: First you get yourself a guy and wire him up with 4 cameras, one on the glasses, one on the butt, one on the bicep and one on the crotch. Then, you wire them all to record to HD DVRs in his backpack. Next, you have him walk around and ask women for directions and finally, you look at all the footage and edit it together into one interesting little YouTube clip. At first it seems like it’d be hard to watch all the feeds at once, but eye-to-camera contact is cleverly highlighted in red.

Interesting experiment, but the guy they use is totally a ringer. The dude gets a lot of bicep hits, but take a look at them when they pan out; the man has guns. How could you not look? One might be able to make a certain comparison to a pair of elements of the female anatomy, but I’ll let you do that yourselves. As for me? I’m going to pretend that women are checking me out when I’m walking around, even though my biceps are more embarrassing than impressive.

(via The Next Web)

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