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iPad Head Girl is Marketing Gone Creepy

There are two shocking facets about the image above. First off, there’s a woman walking around New York’s Bryant Park in a helmet completely covered in iPads. She’s part of a viral marketing campaign to promote the new Cosmo for Guys iPad app. The second — and most shocking — aspect of this story is that Cosmo for Guys is a real thing.

Setting aside how Cosmo content translated for men appears to come off as creepy and misogynist  (that’s a story for another day, possibly another site), it’s a pretty clever campaign. The iPad helmet displays video from the opposite side, and feeds an outside view into glasses worn by the model. Brave fellows who walk up and touch one of the four fully-functional iPads trigger the Cosmo for Guys app. Get it? It’s the app that let’s you get inside a woman’s head! Not creepy at all!

We’ve probably not seen the last of this campaign. iPad Head Girl has her own YouTube channel after all, so new locations and videos are probably a given. But the real winner here is probably the obscure fetishist (you know he exists) who always wanted to play Angry Birds on a woman’s face. Weirdo, your time is now.

(via Gizmodo)

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