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Joss Whedon Just Crushed All Batgirl Casting Rumors but Had a Fun Suggestion

A totally serious one. I swear.

Noted geek Joss Whedon stopped by the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 premiere last night, and that gave him a chance to talk about his own upcoming comic book adaptation: the recently announced Batgirl movie. Ever since news of the upcoming movie broke, the rumor mill has been working overtime, already producing a casting theory, but Whedon took some time to crush that along with any others.

Speaking to Variety, the writer/director mentioned that he doubted his pick for Batgirl would be a “name,” not because he’s opposed to the idea of casting someone well-known, but because it won’t factor into his decision at all. Rather, he explained that he was figuring out the character of Batgirl for his own specific adaptation, and the casting choice will be made later, based on who fits that character best.

… Who he joked would certainly be Vin Diesel, who’s versatile enough to play a living tree in Guardians. But in all seriousness, Whedon’s approach to the casting sounds like exactly what we’d hope to hear from someone who’s done such beloved creative work in the past. While it’s disappointing to so quickly have our high hopes for the rumor of Lindsey Morgan dashed, it’s also reassuring that Whedon is so focused on the characterization of the film’s Batgirl.

And while this debunks any existing rumors, it also leaves the door wide open for any number of exciting, unexpected casting choices. If rumors have to get shot down, at least we get to keep our hopes up a bit longer!

(via Newsarama, featured image: DC Comics)

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