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What’s Your Current Fandom, and Why?


Let’s check in with what we’re obsessing over at the moment.

By its broader definition of “the state or condition of being a fan of someone or something,” the word fandom is pretty inclusive: using this metric, most people would qualify as being in a fandom. But it takes on different connotations for those of us who become so devoted to a media property—or band, or sport, or comic, or videogame—that we devote a good deal of our free time to talking about it with like-minded people, creating transformative works around it, and lining our desk with related Funko figurines.

It’s been a minute since I had an all-encompassing fandom obsession that took over my brain to the exclusion of all else, but right now I’d say that I spend the most time in MCU fan circles and consuming the fanworks that emerge therein. It always boggles my mind how much effort and artistry so many people put in out of sheer love: gifmakers who have high-quality gifsets ready in what feels like 10 seconds after a trailer’s debut, meta-writers who break down histories and generate theories for characters, fanfiction and fanartist creators who turn their talents to expanding the boundaries of canon.

I love finding talented creators and artists to share with you here on The Mary Sue, so I want to know what’s currently dominating your brain. Not to mention, since the commenters here tend to have excellent taste, this could really help me out in figuring out what to watch/read/play/listen to going forward.

According to Tumblr’s official fandometrics, a few of the currently most-reblogged and tagged and talked about “ships” and properties are things I’ve never heard of or seen go by in my own little corners of fandom.

Here are this week’s top ships, movies, TV shows, and videogames on Tumblr:

Are any of these your current faves, or is your attention somewhere else? Why and how did you fall in love with it? Talk to me in the comments. Link me to the good gifs.

(via fandommetrics, image: Marvel, fandommetrics)

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