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Here Are a Few Things We Want to See in the First Star Wars: Episode Ix Trailer

Make me cry, marketing department.

We are less than a year off from Star Wars: Episode IX. In a year full of hotly anticipated finales, from Game of Thrones‘s final season to the end of the Avengers era of Marvel, the end of the Skywalker Saga will be a big freaking deal. It will probably make more money than should be legal and make us all cry and write lengthy think pieces and it’ll truly be a cultural event.

So, when the first teaser trailer drops, naturally we’re going to have some strong feelings. Still, given that we don’t even have a title to speculate off of, it’s time to speculate about what the first trailer will contain. The marketing campaign will probably be absolutely amazing, given the expectations and hype they need to play to. Star Wars has always had fairly stellar trailers — the marketing for The Force Awakens remains a favorite of mine, as does that gorgeous Rogue One teaser trailer — so here are a few things we’re hoping make it into whatever mindblowing trailer they put out, which will hopefully be soon.

First of all, hopefully the title will drop soon, because I’m a little bored of not knowing the title. I realize anticipation is the name of the game and I sound very entitled, but I am dying to know what the title actually is, mostly so I can find a nice abbreviation for it and stop just calling it Episode IX or IX. Even if we don’t get a trailer, I expect we’ll mostly likely find out a title by the end of the year, as that would be a great way to start a year’s worth of hype.

My other selfish wish is for a good shot of Rey’s new costume. As a cosplayer, I’m already itching to start making her newest gear, so a nice shot of her costume would make me the happiest of Rey fans. Will she still be rocking the arm wrap look? How will she have styled her hair? And will she have the same drape-y full body wrap over her tunic and pants? Enquiring minds want to know. And by enquiring minds, I mean myself and the other cosplayers out there who are already raring to don Rey’s outfit.

I also hope the trailer gives us a look at Rey’s saber, however it looks this film. Will she have repaired the broken Skywalker saber, or will she have a brand new one? Some fans have speculated that her use of a staff in previous films points to her getting a double bladed saber in the future. Time will only tell what weapon Rey will wield, but given that this film is rumored to take place a year after The Last Jedi, she’s had plenty of time to get ready for her next big showdown with Kylo.

I also want to see Finn. Finn as a Resistance leader, Finn leading a stormtrooper revolution… I don’t care what Finn we get but I want some serious Finn action. Poe as well, and more of Rose too. Basically, I want the entire heroic team doing things together and being awesome after being separated for an entire film. The Resistance is on the run, and I cannot wait to see how this ragtag group of heroes pulls off a surprise victory in the vein of the Rebellion years before. The ragtag element reminds me of A New Hope or Rogue One, which makes me even more excited.

I hope the trailer gives us a Lando scene, but I bet they’ll be saving him for a future reveal, possibly at Star Wars Celebration this coming year. The legacy characters who will probably make an appearance are Leia and possibly a force ghost-y Luke. However, I bet that we’ll only glimpse them briefly, as the teasers tend to focus mostly on the new protagonists rather than the legacy characters outside of very short scenes.

I’m also hoping for a glimpse of a space battle. I love space battles.

Above all else, since this is the culmination of a nine film saga, I hope there are call backs to the originals. Maybe a few clips and quotes from the original trilogy, or the prequels, to tie it all together. It would be an excellent way to remind everyone that this is the end of it all, and that we can get ready to say goodbye to these familiar characters for the time being. By tying it all back to the original and prequel trilogies, it would show a connectedness between the trilogies and really be a powerful moment.

What do you want to see in an Episode IX trailer, outside of a Finn/Poe kiss? Let us know in the comments!

(image: Lucasfilm)

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