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What Is Marvel’s TVA? The Time Variance Authority, Explained

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With Loki season 2 on the horizon, you may be looking to brush up on your Marvel lore. Maybe you watched season 1, but forgot some of the details. Maybe you’re looking to dive headfirst into season 2! Whatever your situation is, if you’re fuzzy on the details of Marvel’s Time Variance Authority, here’s your quick and dirty guide.

What is the TVA? The TVA in Loki

The TVA, a vast city that stretches on forever, filled with statues and futuristic buildings.
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At the beginning of Loki, Loki steals the tesseract and uses it to escape the Avengers. Thinking he’s free, Loki is surprised to see a door open out of thin air and armed soldiers come out. The soldiers, known as minute men, tell him he’s under arrest for crimes against the Sacred Timeline. Thus we meet the TVA.

As the cartoon clock Miss Minutes explains in a Hannah-Barbara-inspired introductory cartoon, the TVA is charged with keeping all of existence confined to one single timeline, instead of branching into a multiverse. According to the TVA, the previous multiverse was nearly destroyed in a cataclysmic war, as each timeline destroyed the others in a bid for supremacy. With everything limited to one single time stream, though, the universe is kept safe.

How does the TVA do it? Each time someone does something that veers from their predetermined course, they create a “nexus event,” which triggers the creation of a new timeline. The TVA prunes that timeline like a wayward tree branch, and puts the hapless offender, called a “variant,” on trial.

The TVA is ruled by a trio of beings called the Time Keepers. However, as we find out in Loki, not everything is as it seems.

What’s really going on at the TVA?

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This section contains spoilers for Loki season 1.

In the final episodes of Loki, we get two major revelations about the TVA. First, variants don’t just get pruned after their trials (after all, that would make the trial itself pretty pointless—why not just prune them along with the rest of their timeline?). Instead, they get brainwashed into becoming TVA agents themselves. TVA employees think they were created by the Time Keepers, but in reality, they’re all variants, plucked from their timelines.

The second revelation is that the Time Keepers aren’t real at all. The TVA is actually controlled by a man called He Who Remains, who explains to Loki and Sylvie that it was his own variants who waged the war that almost destroyed the multiverse. He Who Remains created the TVA to prevent it from happening again.

The TVA in the comics

In a comics panel, Mobius walks through a futuristic office environment with floating desk.
(Marvel Comics)

Like most things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the TVA in Loki is based on the TVA in the original comics. However, there are a few key differences. In the comics, the TVA doesn’t prune all variant timelines, although it has the power to delete realities. Instead, it keeps track of wayward time travelers, preventing them from damaging various timelines. He Who Remains controls the organization, but the Time Keepers are real. The TVA in Loki is a loose adaptation.

Where is the TVA located?

The TVA exists outside of space and time, from a vantage point where its agents can monitor the entire timeline and work for eons without aging or dying.

In the comics, the TVA can be found in the Null-Time Zone. We don’t know where exactly the MCU’s TVA is, but a popular fan theory posits that it’s in the Quantum Realm, a microscopic universe with ties to one of He Who Remains’s alter egos, Kang the Conqueror.

The TVA sounds cool! Where can I catch it?

The TVA is an authoritarian, genocidal organization! They destroy entire realities! They eliminate free will for all sentient beings! But they do have a snappy aesthetic. You can find the TVA in Loki season 1, which is streaming on Disney+, and Loki season 2, coming in summer 2023.

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