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Jaimie Alexander Could Have Been Wonder Woman


Jaimie Alexander, who has already impressed us with her actual geek cred in interviews about her appearance (as Sif) in Thor, but now she apparently would have made an awesome Wonder Woman, too?

If I got approached to play Wonder Woman, which has happened once or twice, I would have to say, “Look, let’s take this serious. Let’s make her a positive role model. Let’s make this a non-campy version of her.” Because I haven’t seen that done yet. Yet that’s essentially what I got to do with Sif in Thor. I got the best of both worlds.

Throw us a bone here, universe.

Note that Alexander isn’t saying that she turned down the current Wonder Woman adaptation. That was sort of decided for her when she was cast in a major Marvel Comics project in 2009.

Thor… sort of took me out of the running for anything tied to DC Comics. They wouldn’t even see me for the Superman movie or any of that stuff. Which is completely fine. I understand that. But I keep trying. I’m sitting around the Marvel offices telling guys, “So, listen, if you are going to make an X-23 movie and you need someone to do it, I’m available.”

X-23, in case you are not aware, is a female assassin clone of Wolverine (genetic damage on the Y chromosome made a true clone of him unfeasible) who is trying to turn her life around and so yeah… we’re totally up for that. Anything else weird or interesting in the Filmcritic interview? Well, there’s how she pushed for a more canonical interpretation of Thor and Sif’s relationship, and got it.

I actually brought up the fact that I would like to subtly put in that Sif has a thing for Thor. That was such a big story line in the comics since 1962, pretty much, so we did that subtly and a lot of people are catching onto it. I’m glad that it’s in there.

And what it’s like to experience Marvel Entertainment’s tight cordon of secrecy from the inside:

The story of there being a Hawkeye cameo in Thor — none of us even knew that. We’re like, “What? No. Who’s going to play Hawkeye?” No one told us anything. All of us actors are being asked if Sam Jackson will be in our movie, and I’m like, “I don’t think he is. Is he? I don’t know.” I still don’t know if he’s in it or not!

(via MTV Splash Page.)

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