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Much to Everyone’s Delight, What If…? Episode 7 Shows [Redacted] Living Their Best Life

It's what they deserve!

Party Thor

Spoilers for What If…? Episode 7

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I like the dark turns that What If…? has been taking over the past couple of weeks.


I could use something a bit more… Darcy and Howard the Duck get married.

Wait, what?!

The latest episode of What If…? takes the entertaining vibes of the second episode and drops them into Las Vegas – and that’s just the start of Thor’s study session across the globe (if by study session you mean unlimited supply of alcohol because MAGIC!).

The second episode is still one of my favorites (if not my absolute favorite), so seeing this episode embrace a more lighthearted tone was a real treat. After weeks of murdered Avengers, grief stricken sorcerers, zombies, and Killmonger’s ongoing game of chess, I was ready for something where the hero’s greatest fear was, “My mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me!”

The episode even has its own version of the “T’Challa tamed Thanos” reveal where someone you least expect shows up with a completely different outlook on life.

The main question this What If…? scenario asks is, “What if Thor were an only child?” It leads to Thor keeping that irresponsible child attitude and, well, unintentionally destroying whatever planet he decides to party on. It’s not like he does it on purpose, he’s just too much of a chill bro to realize that his actions have consequences.

While the emphasis is on Thor, it’s impossible to not point out how things turned out for Loki. With Odin actually returning him to Jotunheim, it meant that he got to grow up with his people. The end result? This Loki is a lot happier AND has a much better relationship with Thor, Laufey, and just… everyone, really.

We’ve gotten a lot of Lokis this year, from the television series, to, well, What If…? itself. Never did I expect one of those Lokis to be able to spend an entire episode just having fun. There’s no trauma he’s facing about his identity, no sinister plans to take over the world, no betrayal, no need to avenge the death of anyone he cares about.

I love Thor’s brother from another mother a whole lot.

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