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Five Amazing Things Caused by T’Challa Being Star-Lord (and One Not-so-Amazing Thing)

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T'Challa Star-Lord's Crew

Spoilers to Marvel’s What If…? episode 2: What If… T’Challa Became a Star-Lord?

The second episode to Marvel’s What If…? is one that takes full advantage of the premise of the series. While the first episode gave us a different take on a familiar story, this episode feels like it took a run through a random story generator – and I mean that in the best way possible. T’Challa being Star-Lord really did alter the course of the entire galaxy, hell, maybe even several galaxies if we’re being honest, and I thought I’d list five of my absolute favorite moments from the episode (along with one that makes me all sad-faced).

Um… besides the obvious one that makes me all sad-faced:

Here we go!


Star-Lord is famous now

Same, Korath. Same.

Not only is Star-Lord a name that everyone recognizes throughout the galaxy, but he’s working to share resources all throughout the cosmos. This is interesting to me, not just because T’Challa is the opposite of Peter Quill’s Star-Lord, but he’s also the opposite of the way Wakanda was in Black Panther.

Wakanda was closed off to the rest of the world, leading to T’Challa snapping at his ancestors about how wrong they were to lock themselves away from everyone once he realized the error of their (and his) ways. This new T’Challa, since he left Wakanda at a young age, is all about sharing what he gets a hold of if it means it’ll benefit people.

No wonder why everyone loves him.

Speaking of…



When I tell you I screamed at my TV about this.

When I tell you I waited with bated breath for the moment when Thanos would betray everyone.

But nope, not only has Thanos seen that his plan was flawed af (well kinda because he’s still out here saying it has its merits) he is more than happy to help his team, more specifically, his daughter Nebula.

Well damn, thanks T’Challa.


Nebula be servin’ looks

Honestly, when I first saw her, I had no idea who she was until T’Challa said her name. Besides the fact that she is most definitely going in the girl crush folder, I couldn’t believe that T’Challa being Star-Lord led to her NOT being as tormented as she was before. She worked so well with everyone – even Thanos (no, I will never get over “protecting my daughter in a non-traumatizing way” Thanos) and was a vital member of the team.


I guess I’m a Nebula/T’Challa shipper now?!

Yes, hi, and hello, where do I sign up for this ship? Because their chemistry?


I didn’t know I wanted these two together but I guess I do?! Like. They even plan elaborate escapes together (unbeknownst to the rest of the team) and just, lord every time she calls him Cha-Cha I…




T’Challa’s two dads both live 

Not only that, but his two families get to come together.

When we first met T’Challa in the MCU it came with the death of his father, T’Chaka. Meanwhile, when we started to get fatherly Yondu in the MCU, he died. To see these two father figures alive and well is so nice… even if T’Chaka’s wondering how his son ended up in space in the first place.


… but The Collector killed Korg?!

Okay so here’s the one not-so-amazing thing :(

That’s not the only one who died at the hands of this b*tch.

Okay yes, I would’ve loved to see T’Challa take hold of Mjolnir, but you know what? I’ll take what we got:


What are your favorite moments from the second episode of Marvel’s What If…?

(Image: Marvel Studios)

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