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Will We See Maeve Again on ‘The Boys’?

The first three episodes of The Boys season 4 are out, and as the fans eagerly wait for the fourth episode, they have been left wondering about the whereabouts of a pivotal character from the show, Queen Maeve.

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The best answer to Maeve’s disappearance is that she is still in hiding with her girlfriend, Elena. In season 3, Maeve has a chance to kill Homelander after she manages to stab him in the ear, while losing an eye herself in the final battle. However, she chooses to forego that opportunity, instead throwing herself and Soldier Boy out of the window to save The Boys and Starlight. Maeve does so after seeing Soldier Boy’s attempt to kill them, with Ryan Butcher being in the room as well.

While both Soldier Boy and Maeve are presumed dead, she reappears in season 3, episode 8, and has an interaction with Starlight with Elena at her side. The Boys have a role to play in her disappearance, as they help her go into hiding and escape Homelander’s wrath. Vought CEO Ashley Barrett plays a role in her survival as well, deleting the security recordings that feature Maeve. She loses her powers in season 3, as Soldier Boy’s radiation burns away the Compound V present inside her while the two of them are falling from the building.

Notably, showrunner Eric Kipke decided to keep Maeve’s character alive in the show, though she does indeed meet her end in the comic books the show is based on. While the showrunner didn’t hint as to when she might make a comeback, he did assure fans that “the series will definitely not end without seeing Maeve again.”

That probably means that Queen Maeve, a.k.a. Maggie Shaw, could return to The Boys at some point in season 4, and if she doesn’t, she will definitely be a part of the final season.

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