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Find Ye’ Place in the Water 7 Arc in ‘One Piece’ With This Here Guide

Usopp from the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda

Ahoy matey! Lost are ye? Ay the vast oceans of One Piece are only dwarfed by the vastness of the show itself! After all, this series has already surpassed 1,000 episodes! Therefore, it’s no surprise that ye’ve forgotten when exactly the Water 7 Arc began. You’ve already had a bellyful of arcs to begin with. Or perhaps you’d like to skip over some of that thar filler and get straight to the good stuff? Wise decision, and I’m here to help ye see it through.

Avast! Where Does The Water 7 Arc Hoist Anchor And Set Sail?

The Water 7 arc begins on episode 229, after the Long Ring Long Land Arc. It lasts until episode 263, the “Enies Lobby” arc. It is the second story arc of the Water 7 Saga, and the fifteenth arc of the manga and anime.

And What Happens? Who Shivers Whose Timbers?

Oh there’s plenty of timber shivering in this arc, mark me words. The Straw Hat pirates run into trouble with their ship the Going Merry, and have to find someone to who can repair it (and potentially join their crew). Timbers get shivered when the repair process because more difficult than previously expected, leading to an emotional falling out between two crew members.

I won’t spoil nothin’, but this arc certainly got me wet behind the eyepatch. With tears. Not all parts of this arc are sad however, as this is the part o’ the tale where we get to meet dear old Franky! He’s the ship’s new mechanic and crewmate, and a damn fine one at that!

(featured image: Toei Animation)

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