A closeup of Vermithor the dragon in House of the Dragon

What Dragon was Daemon Singing To? Answered and Explained

Sing it again, sweet trash prince.

The final episode of House of the Dragon season one was wild. So much happened in the episode’s span that I am still trying to piece it all together. Princess Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy) and Prince Daemon (Matt Smith) finally received the news that King Viserys had died. Not only that, but Rhaenyra’s former BFF (Queen Alicent Hightower) usurped the throne and crowned Prince Aegon II instead of Rhaenyra.

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With the news, Daemon saw that war was on the horizon. Although Rhaenyra does not hold as many bannermen as the Greens have accumulated, Daemon pointed out that they have something bigger and better than men—dragons. Rhaenyra, Daemon, and their children are dragon riders. Plus, there are several wild and riderless dragons on Dragonstone. Daemon went courting these dragons, but who was that monstrous beast who responded to Daemon’s song?

The Mysterious Dragon

Daemon sings to Vermithor in House of the Dragon.

When Daemon entered the cave of the riderless dragon, he sang a song in High Valyrian. The sweet melody called a huge dragon out of the darkness. My love language is also High Valyrian, so I understand the dragon wanting to be closer to Daemon while he sang. At first, the dragon roared and acted all dramatic as most dragons (and their riders) do. But when Daemon kept singing, it took more interest in him and calmed down.

The huge dragon with terrifying teeth is the legendary Vermithor. Vermithor used to belong to King Jaehaerys I. Since Vermithor hatched, he was bound to a young Jaehaerys. Back in episode 1 of HotD, the old King Jaehaerys had to make a choice of who would be his successor. The top two contenders were his grandchildren Princess Rhaenys and Prince Viserys. As we know, the crown went to Viserys. With that timeline in context, Vermithor would be around 100 years old. Vermithor is also known as the Bronze Fury due to his recognizable huge tan wings.

For those who have read the source books by George R. R. Martin, they know that Vermithor plays an important role in the upcoming Dance of the Dragons war between the Targaryen factions. Without getting too spoilery, Vermithor does get another rider. We also know that wherever Vermithor is, his mate Silverwing (who once belonged to Jaehaerys’s wife Alysanne) will be nearby. Suffice to say, season two of House of the Dragon will be brining the dragons. And maybe we will get more of Daemon singing or maybe HBO will release the single soon.

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