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What Did You Miss On “The Walking Dead” This Week?



When editor extraordinaire and all around awesome person Susana Polo suggested that I check out “The Walking Dead,” I was a teensy bit skeptical. The behind-the-scenes turmoil has threatened to eclipse the show itself, and I do not do very well with horror/violence/gore. Also, the second season is already under way. But I trust Susana, and I checked out last night’s episode, “Triggerfinger,” and it was pretty good! So, what did you miss on “The Walking Dead” last night?

Rick unfortunately had to kill two poor slobs who were planning to crash the party at the Greene family farm, which led to a shootout with another group of survivors (and I got to watch a man’s nose be torn off his face, barf!) until they were suddenly beset by a horde of walkers. Glen and Herschel were prepared to head back to the farm, but Rick didn’t want to leave the lone survivor behind and, after dislodging his leg from a wrought iron fence, he blindfolded him and brought him back with the rest of the group. The crew at the farm was exactly as thrilled at this development as you might expect, but Herschel treated his wounds and he’s staying put for now.

Lori went on a suicide mission to find Rick, and crashed her car (which we saw last week) when a walker appeared in her path. In this episode, she came to and was barely able to avoid being killed by the walker who was trying to get into the car, as well as another one who surprised her on the road. She was rescued by Shane, who promised her that Rick was at the farm. When she found out that Rick was still missing, she was furious, but not as furious as she was when she realized that Shane believes that they are meant to be together (oh, and that her Baby of Doooooom is his). If they weren’t trapped in a post-apocalyptic nightmare, this could get really awkward! As it is, Shane’s feelings for Lori seem certain to fracture the group at some point.

Grossest Moment: This one came early in the episode, as I watched a walker’s face get peeled away from its skull by the broken glass in Lori’s windshield like the cheese on a piece of pizza, while I was eating a piece of pizza.

My Anxiety Level In This Episode: 7.5 out of 10. I only covered my ears in horrified anticipation once!

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