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Day Before Nationwide “Tax March,” Elizabeth Warren Calls Trump Out For Everything He’s Hiding

"The time for hiding is over."

Tomorrow is April 15th, which is typically the deadline for filing tax returns. But since that’s a weekend, and Monday is a holiday in Washington (Happy Emancipation Day!), we have until Tuesday, April 18th. Donald Trump has until … well, we don’t know, do we? We don’t know a lot about his tax returns, save for his 2005 return that was leaked by Trump “someone” for what I’m sure are just totally random reasons.

And Trump’s refusal to share his taxes is monumentally important. Because he is hiding something. And while we may not know what it is, we do know where: in his taxes. In that video above, Elizabeth Warren breaks down what that actually means.

Warren lays it out: “This isn’t a democracy. It’s a monopoly.”

“I’ve been talking about how the system is rigged in Washington a lot longer than Donald Trump has,” she says. “The people calling the shots aren’t the people whose names you see on the ballot. There’s another group, too.”

We need to know where Trump’s money comes from, and who he has business ties and obligations to. As Warren asks, “Who bought America?” Saudi royalty? Russian mafia? Wall Street?

She also reminds us that the man sitting in the White House continues to buy Trump-related trademarks, both here and abroad. He bought the trademark for “Make America Great Again,” meaning each stupid red hat bought put money in his poorly tailored pockets. The presidency is a business for him, and he’s focused on profits. Not for the American people, as he managed to convince so many, but for himself and his family, and for whom else? We need to know, and Warren agrees.

[It’s] not just an ethical problem, but who exercises influence? Who really calls the shots over the man who now sits in the White House? Donald, the time for hiding is over.

Tomorrow, April 15th, there will be rallies nationwide for an organized “Tax March.” From the event’s website,

We’re marching on Washington, D.C. and around the country to ask Donald Trump:


We need a president who works for all Americans, and a tax system that does, too. Release your tax returns and commit to a fair tax system for the American people.

Trump has said he’ll release his taxes once he’s done being audited. Just a reminder that the IRS has said that’s nonsense and there’s no reason why an ongoing audit would preclude that transparency.

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