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What Animal Is Knuckles?

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is a weird franchise.

Its main character is a hedgehog who eats chili-dogs like it’s his day job and sometimes he cosplays as characters from the Legend of Zelda games. And yet somehow he has inspired countless video games, TV shows, and even manga stories for 35 years. It does’t any sense. I feel like some cartoonists were just sitting around stoned out of their gourd from ripping a gravity bong all day and one guy was like “bruh I wanna draw a really fast hedgehog.” Perplexed but intrigued, his colleagues leaned in and were like “okay, but why is he so fast?”. And the guy sat there for six hours thinking about it eating Takis and the jumped up and was like “cause he wears running shoes!” then the boys were like “word” and proceeded to draw a hedgehog that looks nothing like a fucking hedgehog and then they made millions of dollars.

So it only makes sense that we don’t know what the hell Knuckles is. What animal is Knuckles? Sonic looks like a hedgehog in the same way that a banana can look like a small yellow gun if you squint. Point is, he does’t. So if you want to know what Knuckles is, here’s your answer. But fair warning, it will surprise you.

Knuckles, Sonic’s “former rival best friend,” is a fucking echidna.

What the fuck kind of Discovery Channel shit is an echidna? I’m glad you asked. Echidnas are small, egg-laying mammals from Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea. They eat and breathe through a weird little beak that sticks out of their spiney little bodies. Just google one. Then google Knuckles the Echidna. They look absolutely nothing alike. And that’s the Sonic Way.

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