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New Pokémon Introduced in Sun/Moon Trailer Are a Mixed Bag of Neat and Bizarre

So ... they're Pokémon.

Listen, Pokémon have always had some oddball designs (and names), but as time goes on, the artists who must continue to come up with new monsters for each iteration of the franchise have to dig a bit deeper for inspiration. Sometimes, that works out into something awesome, like with Tapu Koko, and sometimes we wind up with something hilarious like Charjabug. Such is the nature of Pokémon.

Seriously, Charjabug is just a subway car. (Much as the NSFW song goes, “That one’s just a pile of gears, and that’s a f***ing ice cream cone.) All aboard the hype bug? But again, at least it’s comical, unlike Metapod and Kakuna, which were also essentially inert objects with no appendages, and its final form (Vikavolt) looks pretty cool. Zygarde is also getting some new formes this time around, and we’ve got another adorable electric mouse Pokémon, because the more the merrier, right?

There’s more information on the new monsters over on the official Pokémon website, and Sun and Moon will be in stores on November 18. Meanwhile, the Pokémon GO mobile game is also on the way, and impressions coming in from people who have gotten their hands on it are, well, also a mixed bag.

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