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The Weekly Anime Round-up Presents: Beaches, First Kisses, and Recap Episodes

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Hello, dear anime watchers who are keeping track of enough shows to have to write them down on a calendar.


That’s just me?

Ah that’s … that’s fine.

As always with the weekly round-up, I’m gonna talk about the series I’m currently watching, so spoilers to everything on this list. Also, I know it’s Thursday, and new episodes of three of the series are airing today, but those recaps will go in next week’s round-up, I got distracted by the Nintendo Direct (Super Mario x Animal Crossing!!!) which, incidentally, you can watch my dorky ass live react to it here!

Let’s go!


Thursday, February 11th

The Promised Neverland season 2 episode 5.5

Where to watch: Funimation

Promised Neverland recap episode


It’s a recap episode.

The episode recaps the events from the first season leading up to where we are now.


Honestly, in my opinion, there’s not much to recap from season 2, like, at ALL, and if the series wanted to do a recap from the first season, that probably should’ve been done in the first episode? That’s what I’m used to series doing when they go from season 1 to season 2 since there’s so much time in-between, but to recap the whole thing in the middle of season 2?


I guess I’d get it if it were Emma and Ray telling Norman how they’ve survived all this time, but that wouldn’t need to be an entire recap. In fact, I kinda figured that’d be a scene we get (after the kids hug, of course) but instead this episode is clips of everything that’s happened so far.

So um … write-up over for this episode, I guess.


2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team episode 6

Where to watch: Funimation

2.43 Volleyball episode 6 screencap

The episode actually starts with the team that the Seiin High boys will be facing in the upcoming tournament. Fukuho Tech has represented their prefecture for the past 7 years and ALWAYS makes it far, so in order to get anywhere, the Seiin High Boys will have to beat them so they can represent their area.

What’s interesting about this is that the episode primarily focuses on the Fukuho Tech team, showing their relationship with each other and their motivations. The main point of focus is Subaru Mimura (the team ace) and Mitsuomi Ochi (the team’s manager). Mitsuomi used to play volleyball, but after suffering from an injury he had to stop. He originally had a dream of playing with Subaru and was upset to be offered the position of manager, feeling like that was some sort of consolation prize since he couldn’t play anymore. Thanks to Subaru’s encouragement, the two now have a promise where Subaru will “take him to the center court” by winning in the tournament. Insert shipping goggles here.

Even if Fukuho has been on top for the past 7 years, Seiin is gaining quite the reputation according to a reporter who’s interviewing Subaru. This makes the team curious about their opponents, particularly Chika (who Fukuho Tech’s coach admits to having had an interest in for the team back when he played in middle school). Subaru dishes out the hard truth about how people are probably thinking that if Seiin beats Fukuho, they’ll automatically advance to the top since Fukuho is such an outstanding team. This puts incredible pressure on the team and one of the members (Kohei) decides to go and watch Seiin practice, Mitsuomi going with him.

How this leads to a fight between Kohei and Yusuke (you know, the dude on the Seiin squad who used to play rugby) is BEYOND me, but they’re fighting, and it’s causing problems, and Subaru shows up to apologize on behalf of his team because Misao got video of the fight and threatens to blackmail the team with it.

I swear, there are no chill interactions in this series, it goes from zero to sixty in the time it takes to set up a spike.

It’s fine, though, because apologies are shared and it turns out Misao wasn’t actually recording. Things could be left at that, but when Subaru suggests that the teams have a practice match, everyone’s on board.


Heaven’s Design Team episode 6

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

Heaven's Design Team hotsprings episode 6

This is the most convoluted way to have a vacation episode and I kinda love it.

So God has seen how hard everyone’s been working and gives them a three-day vacation! I’m immediately suspicious. Not that I don’t trust God, but since the Galapagos Islands are where they do test runs of the animals, how much of a vacation will this be?

It only takes a couple of seconds for me to be proven right.

Since everyone is still working on a design, they’re told they can turn them in when they get back, which everyone translates as “work on them during the company trip.” Everyone decides that they might as well leave now since they’re gonna be working during the trip anyway. Even so, might as well make it resemble a vacation, right? Leave it to Higuchi (Mars) to build an ENTIRE FRICKIN’ HOT SPRINGS all by herself.

In an attempt to get everyone to relax, Jupiter invites some of the angels into the springs with some of his animals. The animal in question is, I kid you not, a xenomorph. Of course, it’s not called a xenomorph, but the design is obvious. Apparently, it was one of Jupiter’s rejected creatures (dude just sell the concept to Ridley Scott).

On the other side of the male hot springs are the female hot springs, and bless this anime for continuing to respect my girl Venus to the point of not making a big deal out of her sitting in the springs with the rest of the girls. These little moments with Venus throughout the series have been a delight. As all the girls sit together, Pluto tries to come up with variations to her current design (a shark) and as she eyes Mars’ toolbox, I immediately know where this is going (saw shark, hammerhead shark, etc.)

The group gets together for dinner where we discover that the hot pot Jupiter made is … um … cooked xenomorph, and like … damn. At least Shimoda brought beer to pair with dinner? Oh, and found a creepy letter telling everyone to stay in the room. Good thing most of them got drunk, leading to Jupiter going outside, into the ocean, where Pluto’s sharks are.


Once the group manages to find Jupiter, Mars shifts the clouds to create a tornado to suck Jupiter up (she can just DO that, she made it snow earlier). She ends up pulling the sharks … through the tornado … to make a Sharknado … *giggle snort*

The next morning Jupiter says that he died, but I guess that’s not a big deal? However, it IS a big deal when Mercury is found covered in blood, head smashed by an ashtray. This calls for a murder mystery segway … that’s not nearly as murderous as it sounds. It turns out the “blood” isn’t blood at all, but the milk male flamingos produce in the back of their throats to feed their young (flamingos are the animal Venus was working on). It’s red because they eat red algae.

Oh, and Mercury isn’t dead, the ashtray didn’t kill him, so now they have to figure out who hit him with it, but more importantly, they have to find out where his snake is because ACK it’s on the loose! Mercury adds a note to have the snake make a sound so it can be found.

Three guesses what the sound is.

Now a fully pledged rattlesnake, the sound triggers the squirrel on Neptune’s shoulder, who can apparently hunt snakes (it’s the California Ground Squirrel). As the two critters go to war, Mars begins putting the pieces together on the mystery, and reveals that the culprit to Mercury’s “death” is Shimoda! Well … not really. See, what had happened was Mercury was passed out on the ground because he was hungover and Shimoda set the ashtray by his head to protect him because the squirrel caught wind of the snake that was by him.

And yes, this series continues to make me write sentences I thought I’d never write.

At the end of it all we find out that Shimoda left the “creepy” note (he cut out letters so his handwriting would be easier to read, his handwriting is bad because he hasn’t been alive very long) and Jupiter came up with the “who done it” angle to distract everyone as their actual vacation getaway was finished by Ueda and Saturn.

Awwwww, so it IS a vacation after all.


Friday, February 12th

Jujutsu Kaisen episode 18

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

A boy and a good boy in JJK episode 18

Well, it was only a matter of time before Mahito showed up to yuck everyone’s yum, then again, since the Kyoto School is trying to kill Yuji, it’s not nearly as yum as it should be.

Then again, Yuji DID make a new best friend, right?

Elsewhere, Megumi is in the middle of a battle against Noritoshi, who manipulates the arrows he fires with his own blood. As they fight we learn that Noritoshi is part of the Kamo family (one of the three big families referenced in the series), his mother seen in a bad light since she’s the mistress of the current head. However, since the head’s “proper” wife didn’t bear a son who inherited the technique that Noritoshi uses, another woman had to have him.

So lemme see if I get this.

The family hates Noritoshi’s mother for being a “slutty concubine” but also wanted her to have Noritoshi since the heir’s wife couldn’t have the kind of child they wanted? I gotta say, the head families in this series are kiiiiiinda shitty. I’m sure the current generation doesn’t have any emotional baggage about it (that’s me being sarcastic).

During their fight, Noritoshi says that Megumi’s situation is similar, and he talks about how Megumi is part of the Zenin family. I actually don’t remember if this has been revealed yet (I’m reading the manga and watching the anime so it’s been a bit of an information overload, in a good way), but yeah, Megumi is part of the same family as Maki and Mai.

So what’s the Fushiguro part of his name? Ah, that’ll be explored more later.

While they’re fighting, we get a glimpse of the curse that the Kyoto school principal (Yoshinobu Gakuganji) planned on unleashing to take out Yuji. It looks pretty threatening, which is exactly why it gets its head cut off in seconds thanks to Hanami (the special grade who’s with Mahito’s group, the one who used all those flowers to help Jougo escape Gojo). Toge runs into him and manages to get to Noritoshi and Megumi in time to help them avoid Hanami’s onslaught.

We also get to see Toge use his technique AND pet a puppy. I dunno, that’s just important information I needed to share with everyone.

As the three face Hanami, we get to hear (and understand) his language and find out what his ultimate goal is.

He wants to protect the Earth (yay!)

By killing all the humans (not so yay …)

With that going on plus Kasumi being passed out in the woods thanks to Toge, the faculty watching the matches decide to intervene. Unfortunately, a screen is put up, one that lets anyone enter EXCEPT for Gojo.

Hmmmm, curious that.

Both Yoshinobu and Utahime enter, running into Juzo Kumiya, who’d probably be a fine butcher if it didn’t involve targetting people. His opponent will be Yoshinobu, who turns out to be a badass rockstar (and the one playing guitar in the opening).

Looks like all the new match-ups are ready to commence battle … after an adorable high school AU with all the curses.

A highschool interlude in JJK

D’awwwwww, Jogo’s a total tsundere! Just tell Hanami how you feel, man!


Saturday, February 13th

SK8 the Infinity episode 6

Where to watch: Funimation

YOUR HONOR THEY ARE IN LOVE I say after SK8 episode 6

Beach/hot springs/vacation episode!!! We’re (I’m guessing) at the halfway point of the season, so now’s a good time for our characters to take a break after last week’s beef. Reki and Langa are on their way to a hot springs to help with Reki’s injury. Miya and Shadow are tagging along, Shadow playing chaperone because it’s not like a bunch of high schoolers can be out here traveling alone. To their surprise, Joe and Cherry are on their way to the same place, Cherry for work and Joe for the ladies. 

There’s a lot of flirty Joe this episode. Be sure to thank the higher powers for a new himbo to thirst after in 2021.

The group skateboards to the beach together and we get a cute montage of wholesome moments. Miya, by far, steals the episode, though, when he pretends to be Joe’s son in order to interrupt his time with a couple of ladies on the beach. Armed with giant puppy dog eyes, he pleads with his papa to not leave him and his mother, the camera panning over to a sunbathing Cherry who’s unaware that he’s being labeled as Miya’s mother for the sake of cockblocking Joe.

Papa don't leave me! SK8 episode 6

Thank you, SK8, for existing. Seriously.

While the group is enjoying their time together, Adam (in his regular life) is dealing with the whole “police interrupting his, ahem, date” thing. We find out that the red-haired woman is Inspector Kamata (so … not a skateboarding vixen, I guess) and she seems to have history with Adam.

She also seems to sense his creeper vibes.

Back at the beach, Reki and his group are stuck in piss poor lodgings while Cherry stays in absolute luxury. Of course, the others interrupt his evening to take advantage of the giant meal. As everyone talks, Reki is feeling some kind of way about his injury and how he doesn’t wanna be left behind in regards to skateboarding. Before we can have too somber of a moment, we shift gears to the grounds potentially being haunted. Skateboarders ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts, though (Reki is) and the group decides to skateboard to the hot springs. This leaves Reki all alone (what a coincidence, he was just worried about being left behind) but LANGA COMES BACK FOR HIM AND AH OMG SKATEBOARD BOYFRIENDS WHO ARE GONNA STAY TOGETHER FOREVER, even when faced with mud-covered … um … people?

Our boys don’t stand a chance, though, even with Langa saving Reki by doing the “dance” move Adam did to him in the previous episode. I’m sure it was just a coincidence that Langa used a move he learned from Adam in a way that’s wholesome instead of frightening.

Meanwhile, Cherry and Joe are alone in the hot springs (wink wink nudge nudge) until they’re interrupted by the same mud people who went after all the other characters. Our group never find out what the deal was with the mud, but maybe they’ll do a Google search like I did and learn about the Paantu festival:

The villagers dress up as ‘Paantu’ – supernatural beings covered in mud and foliage. They also wear long masks. Their aim is to get mud on everything – kids, bystanders, cars, houses. Don’t worry though, the mud is a form of exorcism intended to expel evil spirits and bring good fortune.

That sounds like the perfect segway into Adam announcing that he’s gonna host a tournament.


Horimiya episode 6

Where to watch: Funimation




Let me back up, because first, they SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER!

That’s not nearly as “scandalous” as the school makes it sound, but you know how kids are about them rumors. Miya basically gets strong-armed into spending the night thanks to Hori’s dad, and like, what is the story with this man? Hori’s mama sounded kinda suspicious about how long he was staying, and don’t think I didn’t see that the word “job” was in italics in those subtitles. Still, he does have a genuine dad moment when asking Miya what he sees in his daughter and smiling about Miya’s response of how he likes that she doesn’t make assumptions based on appearance.

The next day, some students spot Miya walking out of Hori’s night and, like I said, them rumors. However, when asked whether or not she’s dating Miya, Hori doesn’t stutter, having absolutely zero problem with admitting to their relationship. Unfortunately, with so many people questioning why Hori would date someone like him, Miya starts to have doubts. Both Yuki and Toru are frustrated by people giving them a hard time, but Miya takes matters into his own hands to stop all the whispers.

He cuts his hair.

I can’t help but think this is gonna come up later since he said he liked how Hori looked past appearances, but ah, poor Miya is so insecure about himself after years of being seen as the outcast. For now, though, he’s the talk of the classroom now that he’s got short hair. Girls start to notice him. Even Shindo gets flustered when they get together later to eat candy. As Shindo, Hori, and Miya feast on the odd flavors, Miya kisses Hori!

Again, um, kinda?

He actually “steals” her candy from her since it’s a flavor she doesn’t like, he just, um, uses his lips to do it? Yeah, they totally kissed and it’s so sweet! Phew, I sure hope another love interest doesn’t come along- oops, look at that, there’s a girl stalking Miya.

Sorry, she’s talking Hori, she’s actually talking shit about Miya.

That’s Honoka, a younger student at the school who questions what Hori sees in Miya, though she’s way blunter about it than anyone else has been. Oddly enough, once she and Miya find out they’re neighbors, they develop a friendship of sorts. It turns out Honoka’s brother passed away a year ago and it’s clear that she’s developing that sort of bond with Miya … albeit, slowly, lol.

The episode ends with Hori and Miya in the process of kissing without any “stealing candy” excuses, but the moment is interrupted by Hori’s dad. She’s understandably, furious. Can’t you let a girl spend some time with her soft goth boy?!


Sunday, February 14th

Theatre of Darkness: Yamishibai 8 episode 6

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

Catch of the Day in Yamishibai ep6

When a woman’s husband returns home from a fishing trip, things get … bizarre. She offers to take care of the fish, like always, but he tells her not to since the catch of the day is pretty grotesque this time around. That night, her husband takes care of it, but as he butchers it, it sounds like a screaming child (and gives some real PT vibes). His wife tries to sleep it off, but the next day she gets a call from the wife of her husband’s fishing buddy, who warns that something’s wrong with her husband now that he’s eaten what they caught. In keeping with the show’s tendency to not show what the creepy thing looks like, the episode ends before we can see what exactly happened to either of the men.


Tuesday, February 16th

Wonder Egg Priority episode 6

Where to watch: Funimation

Ai and her teacher in Wonder Egg ep6

***CW: mentions of suicide and inappropriate teacher/student relationships***

This episode introduces the concept of a new enemy: Haters.

I’m floored with how this series is, at times, the most unsubtle thing out there, and other times it’s completely shrouded in mystery because we STILL don’t fully know what the deal is with Mr. Sawaki, Koito’s suicide, and now, Ai’s feelings for her teacher.

I’ll get to that. First: the Haters. The Haters are born from the Seeno Evil and are more powerful. According to Ura-Acca, the girls now stand out in this world, therefore, they’ve attracted the attention of Haters. Born of envy and spite, they’re so strong when they’re in groups that Ai has no choice but to run and hide for the time being, Ura-Acca having to come up with a new way for the girls to fight. Since the Haters can’t be beaten at the moment, Ai and the other girls (each in her own world) have to protect their eggs/girls until time runs out, giving us the title of the series: Wonder Egg Priority since the eggs/girls are what takes precedence over anything else.

The girls succeed, and when they get together again Ura-Acca gives them each a little trinket they can use to summon a creature that can eat the Haters. I’m, like, immediately suspicious, by the way, of Ura-Acca and this entire operation after what was said in the last episode (how Ura-Acca told the girls they could stop fighting because he knew they’d do the opposite and keep fighting). I have this feeling that Ura-Acca’s gonna be like Kyubey in Madoka and I’m just waiting for the ball to drop on that one.

While this is happening, something’s bothering Ai, but we’re not told what it is. What we do know is that her mom wanted her to have a conversation with Mr. Sawaki, and as Ai is trying to protect her egg/girl again (Yae), we see a flashback of what that conversation was.

It turns out that Mr. Sawaki and Ai’s mom want to start dating.

Momoe is thrilled by this news, but Rika isn’t, as she reminds everyone about that theory I have about Mr. Sawaki and Koito. This upsets Momoe, who storms off, and Neiru brings up an idea that never occurred to me: Ai has feelings for Mr. Sawaki.

Ai denies it, wholeheartedly, the thought sticking with her as she battles the monster she’s up against. It’s a creature only Yae can see, but when Ai grabs Yae’s prayer beads she’s able to see it, too. Ai and Yae share a moment where Yae is comforted in the fact that someone finally believes her about the scary things she sees, and I can’t help but think that’s gonna tie back into Ai and Koito. Something about being comforted about someone believing you when you say that something hurtful is out there …

The episode ends with Ai going back to school and telling Mr. Sawaki that she’s finally ready to return.

Oh, and she has Yae’s prayer beads, which I feel like will be important later.

I just … don’t know what to think?! I need to know what’s going on with this teacher and what happened to Koito. I don’t think Ai is/was in love with him, but I do think that, maybe, Koito was, and that caused a rift in their relationship because he was painting that portrait of Ai.

I dunno, is he a creeper? Is he a regular guy? Is Neiru right and we’re overthinking this? And that the simplest answer IS the answer? WHAT IS THE TRUTH???

That’s all for now, anime fans! See you later via Funimation or Crunchyroll, hopefully with more answers to the questions that are plaguing me!

(Image: Crunchyroll)

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