Get the Latest Forecast Updates from Adorably Dressed Cats with the Weather Whiskers App

Now I know to bring an umbrella to work! Thanks, Weather Cats!
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We’ll admit that the new iOS7 weather app is pretty neat and all, but it’s just so… devoid of cats. Can’t we have something full of furry animals wearing funny clothing and acting like people? What’s that? There is an app for that? Well, color us excited.

Created by a company called Ask Applications, Inc., Weather Whiskers does what no other weather app is brave enough to try — it shows you a four day forecast for your city of choice using appropriately themed cat imagery. Yes, we know there are other cute animal weather apps like Weather Kitty and Weather Puppy, and those apps even have celebrity endorsements from famous Internet cats like Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat. But do those apps have anthropomorphic cats in raincoats? We think not.


Look at how ridiculous this is. Even the little clouds are cats, and it gets better, as the app allows you to track multiple cities all across the world using data from Weather Underground, so you can go from the above to — well, this, for example:


Jesus Christ, would you look at this cat’s little star-covered pajamas. SOMEONE HELP US.

The only problem with this app ? It still uses lolspeak, the outdated language of cat macros circa 2008. We much prefer doge ourselves, these days. Still, the cats themselves are pretty amazing. We won’t hold it against them that they can’t speak the exact Internet dialect we want them to. They’re wearing pajamas, after all.

You can get the Weather Whiskers app from Google Play for Android and from the Apple Store for the iOS. Best of all, it’s free to download. Free cats! Being of adorable, practical use to you! What more could a person ask for?

(via Jezebel, images via Weather Whiskers)

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