Daily Mail and Fox News Called the DNC an “Estrogen Cabal”; We Cackle in the Background

[cackling, thunder, lightning intensifies]
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As a hardened reporter and editor, David Martosko, Daily Mail‘s political editor, might not believe in conspiracies per se, but when it comes to the Democratic National Committee? The thing may as well be run by gosh darn government-sponsored aliens who seek to spread the liberal agenda (call me, Universal). In an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, he called the DNC an “estrogen cabal” when discussing how it seemed to be propping up Hillary Clinton despite her losing in the polls (pre-debate) to Republican contenders, compared to Joe Biden who was winning.

Basically they said: “Ugh, why didn’t this man get proper recognition for doing well based on these arbitrary statistics? The woman must be part of a massive estrogen conspiracy! GASP.”

There’s something that tickles me about the fact that these guys are so threatened by a female candidate that they’re willing to jump on a conspiracy theory of orchestrated debate moves and fake politicking rather than admit that a woman could be doing well. Regardless of how you might feel about Clinton, the fact that they’re trying to explain away her pull by calling the committee an “estrogen cabal” is straight up hilarious.

In fact, it’s so funny, it’s taken me way too long to write this post because every time I try to type “estrogen cabal,” I break into fits of laughter. I can’t stop. Help me.

Here. Let me help you with some of my own suggestions for alternatives to “estrogen cabal”:

  • Matronly Mafia
  • Sisterly Syndicate
  • Legion of Ladytude
  • Granny Gang
  • Cutie Coterie
  • Alliance of Aunties
  • Federation of Females
  • Sorority
  • Fecund Fraternity
  • On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

You’re welcome, testosterone troupe.

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