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We Are All Sassy The Horse and Roy Moore is Destroying Us

Godspeed, Sassy ... godspeed.

Roy Moore

You’d think Roy Moore, homophobe, racist, accused sex offender, and apparently equestrian enthusiast, wouldn’t find ways to further shoot himself in the foot with his Second Amendment pistol. Hahaha, you’d be wrong. For you see, Roy Moore has no fucks to give about anyone or anything, except for his loosely held beliefs in white Old Testament wrathful Jesus (you know just like in the Bible).

Roy Moore’s wife, Kayla Moore, decided to take to the stage last night and pull the classic “my friend is [blank] so I can’t be a racist card”, except in this dumbest way possible.

How can you with the full faculty of your mind decide that you’re free from accusations of anti-Semitism if you say “one of our attorneys is a Jew”? And this on the night before Hanukkah, Christianity’s favorite Jewish Holiday that they don’t understand.
Then this shit happened where Bill Sailing talks about how one time he and Roy Moore went to a child brothel in Vietnam and Moore definitely did not pay for child prostitutes. Good job? What is more disturbing is the light chuckling in the background as if this whole story is some charming wedding toast and not disgusting and weird.
Friends don’t publically out this kind of information on the national stage. I’m guessing Mr. Sailing thought he was doing a good thing: “Roy Moore did not engage in sexual acts with prostitutes in Vietnam definitely, I was there I know!” Yeah, not the best endorsement.
Then today, Roy Moore came trotting in on a horse named Sassy, along with Kayla, in what I’m assuming was supposed to be a charming and gallant PR stunt, but let’s consider the terrified look on Sassy’s face. I don’t envy it.

Today the people of Alabama will decide to send either Roy Moore or Doug Jones to the Senate, and the implications of that are extreme for both parties. If Moore wins, then it shows that the Republican Party has become a place where openly known alleged sexual abusers are completely welcome—neigh—promoted and endorsed by the GOP. It shows that the issues of religion and abortion are insurmountable when it comes to getting voters from the Evangelical camp, if the opponent is a Democrat. If Jones wins, then it is a major victory for the Dems. Jones would be the first elected Senator from Alabama since 1992, and his vote would be able to help stop the tax bill the Republicans are trying to get passed. Additionally, for the Republicans, it would show that Trump’s backing or Steve Bannon’s backing is not enough to win an election.

Due to the long road to success it would have been to get a Democrat elected in Alabama, the loss would be meaningful to the Dems, but it is the Republicans who have a lot to deal with regardless. They have created an environment to invite these men into their ranks—for reasons like, oh, say, a tax bill that will add $1 trillion to our countries debt, according to the right-wing Tax Foundation, the centrist Tax Policy Center, the Penn Wharton Budget Model, the Joint Committee on Taxation.

Cosmo interviewed five women to talk about why they are voting for Moore. With 6 out of 10 white women in Alabama projected to vote for him, their answers were depressing but expected.

Kierstyn Steed, 19, Grove Hill, college freshman:
“The controversies that he has stood for, like not removing the Ten Commandments, that’s a big part of something that I support. Just the way he carries himself as a man of God. Someone my age in the South, I just look up to someone like that, someone who’s willing to take that to D.C. and put that in place.”

Amanda Martiniere, 30, Spanish Fort, stay-at-home mom:
His stance on abortion is the biggest thing to me. It’s refreshing to me to see a politician actually come out and say “I am very pro-life.” I think that the quote unquote “a woman’s right to choose” is being overly glorified. Your right is to decide whether you want to engage in sexual relations. That’s your choice. Children are not mistakes to be taken care of. And his stance on gay marriage is a deciding factor for me, because I believe in the sanctity of a marriage between a man and a woman.

Sarah Wade, 27, Killen, customer service representative:
I’ve supported Moore ever since he ran for chief justice. I agree with a lot of his points. Abortion is one of them. Tax cuts. I definitely think that that needs to be done […] I [studied] criminal justice. You are innocent until proven guilty. So until there is something that proves to me that he did it on any of them — I mean even just one — if I could see that he did it, then I wouldn’t vote for him. But until that happens, I’m not going to waste my one vote.

Amy Jo Underwood, 22, Mobile, college junior and Moore campaign intern:
My encouragement to other women out there would be to think about it from the angle of being a woman and look at those other women, put yourself in their places, and then try to understand some motives. I know it’s really complex and confusing, but just look at what seems credible. And then vote according to your conscience.

Kim Wyatt Boothe, 37, Clanton, stay-at-home mom:
He’s been in office for so long and all that he went through with the Ten Commandments and the same-sex marriage, if they wanted to find something, they would’ve found it years ago. If he was a predator, that would follow him and he wouldn’t have stood so personally — to even lose his job — to turn around and lie about his past. That’s just unreasonable. So I don’t believe any of [the women who have accused him]. The timing is too critical. Alabama’s way smarter than the left.

As this is TMS, it is unlikely that we are speaking to people who would even consider voting for Roy Moore, but the reality is that there are millions of people that would and will. The ability of people to trust and believe, even the best of reporting is low and so far there is no solution as to how to get out of it. Even if you look at Twitter people who are pro-Moore and making it seem like they are true patriots who see the truth.

#AlabamaSenateElection is a scary as hell place right now.

I can’t vote for Doug Jones, but I really wish I could.

(via Life/Jezebel, image: Screengrab)

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