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Boy, People Are Really Mad at This Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor

I didn't know an ice cream could be "un-American," but here we are.

Yesterday, Ben & Jerry’s announced a new flavor: Pecan Resist. The activism-themed flavor is chocolate ice cream with two types of fudge and three kinds of nuts, and in addition to sending a message with its name, the company will be supporting four different organizations that are fighting “the Trump administration’s regressive and discriminatory policies.” And boy, are people mad.

I don’t know how this many people made it this long without knowing that Ben & Jerry’s is a super liberal company. They’ve had plenty of flavors with their progressive values right in the name, like the Obama-inspired “Yes, Pecan” and the “Bernie’s Yearning” the latter of which was also a commentary on wealth distribution in the US. (It was solid mint ice cream with a “1%” disk of chocolate on top.)

They’ve campaigned for marriage equality both in the U.S. and in Australia. They care about climate change, refugees, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Ben Cohen (as in the Ben to his Jerry) co-founded a giant progressive advocacy group TrueMajority. What I’m saying is, they weren’t keeping their politics a secret.

But apparently, a whole bunch of people didn’t know that and now they’re really mad. At ice cream.

There are lots of people talking about how “divisive” this flavor is, and how they wish the company had made a flavor to “unite” people instead. Except ignoring damage being done to our country isn’t uniting anybody. Sure, this ice cream flavor might not be as “civil” as some people would like, but the groups it supports are working for women’s rights, racial justice, and climate change. They’re actually helping people.

I’m glad these people are boycotting. That just leaves more for us. Although I have to say, I am cackling at this image:

(image: YouTube)

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