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Watch Jeff Goldblum Say “Zaddy” and “Soft Pink Pants” Repeatedly

Yeah definitely didn't need to hear Jeff Goldblum say "Zaddy" repeatedly this morning
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Are we really surprised that a video that includes Jeff Goldblum talking about people calling him “daddy” is trending on YouTube? Moreso, he gets told what “zaddy” means, and it is sending all of us into a tizzy. Mainly because every time Jeff Goldblum does anything, we all lose our minds for a little while.

Dr. Ian Malcolm himself is a figure that many of us know and love. We’re all fascinated by Jeff Goldblum. So when he did an episode of Hot Ones, we should have known what we were going to be getting ourselves into. In a 30-plus minute video, we see him talk about his “soft pink” pants (soft in reference to the color, not the actual texture) and what his Instagram comments are like.

If you click to around 10 minutes and 40 seconds in, you’ll hear the interviewer, Sean Evans, ask Jeff about his Instagram comments. Pointing out that they’re typically nice, Jeff’s reaction to the ‘daddy’ comment is about as Jeff Goldblum as you can get.

He says that he appreciates it because it’s ‘sexy talk’ and that he is a daddy so that works. Which … Jeff, no. Sure, you’re an actual father but the girls and boys commenting ‘daddy’ on your posts most definitely aren’t saying it just because you’re a father as well.

The true joy, however, came when Sean had to explain to Jeff what ‘zaddy’ means. Because let’s be real, Jeff Goldblum is a ‘zaddy’. In true Goldblum fashion, the interview went on multiple tangents, I couldn’t follow his train of thought most of the time, and the entire time he was eating chicken wings. So, you know, a typical interview when you’re talking to Jeff Goldblum.

(If you want a “formal” definition of “zaddy,” let’s turn to the Urban Dictionary: “The slang term for a really ‘handsome’ guy who is very appealing and looks really fashionable. He has to have swag and sex appeal and look sexy and attractive.” See also: “A handsome gentleman with a certian flair and “swag”, typically an older aged.”)

In recent months, he’s been out promoting Thor: Ragnarok and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom so we’ve been blessed with even more Goldblum content than before. But if you’re still in need of some Goldblum in your life, look into going to his jazz show in Los Angeles.

I’m bringing this up because it is one of the craziest things about Goldblum: he just has his own jazz show where you can go watch him play and then he’ll take pictures with people and he’s usually in a cool bowler hat while he’s doing all of this. Because if Jeff Goldblum is one thing, it is unpredictable.

Goldblum is an enigma and one that we, as fans, cannot get enough of. So why not spent 30 minutes of your day today watching Jeff trying to eat chicken wings in very soft pink pants? (They’re basically white which seems like a bad idea since he’s eating hot wings.)

But really, the main takeaway is simple: Jeff Goldblum is a zaddy and he knows it and is very flattered by it so we can all praise him as king zaddy now.

(via YouTube, image: Marvel)

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