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Breaking Bad‘s Creator Wants Everyone to Stop Throwing Pizza on Walter White’s Roof


(Pizza talk starts at 3:17.)

Throwing pizza on someone else’s roof is bad. 1. Those people don’t want to have to clean your pizza off of their roof. It is not a trash can. 2. You are WASTING PIZZA. 3. You should probably stop killing people and dealing drugs.

Sadly, the hilarity of Walter White throwing a pizza onto his roof in a blind “why is everyone giving me such a hard time about cooking meth?” rage has resulted in tourists throwing pizzas onto the Albuquerque house’s roof in real life. It’s gotten so bad that the owners of the house reached out to Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad, to see if anything could be done, because that’s their own private domicile, and they will not be harassed.

So on the Better Call Saul Insider Podcast (above), Gilligan made us all aware of the situation and asked everyone (relatively) politely to knock it off. If you don’t, Mike Ehrmantraut himself, actor Jonathan Banks, says he will hunt you down. So, you know, be a jerk at your own risk. The consequences are all on you.


(via Dorkly)

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