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Wait, Does Donald Trump Not Know the Difference Between Apostrophes and Hyphens?

A stable genius.

Donald Trump sits in front of an American flag looking sweaty at the UN.

So here is what I got from Donald Trump’s nonsensical tweet yelling at CNN: He’s mad that they didn’t include the apostrophe he inexplicably added to the end of “Liddle” in his insult to Rep. Adam Schiff, claiming they then misspelled it (even though Liddle is not a word whether it has an apostrophe or not), and then he went on to call that apostrophe a hyphen. I think that’s it?

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In a scary twist of events (scary because, you know, Donald Trump is the PRESIDENT), Trump decided that Adam Schiff needed a tweet calling him names and yelling because he said that the conversation between Trump and the Ukranian president—the subject of the current impeachment inquiry—is credible.

From there, CNN reported that he called Adam Schiff “Liddle” but did not use the random-ass apostrophe that Trump added to a made-up word, which made the president go off on a tirade on Twitter, adding yet another error.

I feel like I have lost brain cells trying to read Donald Trump’s tweets, and now I feel like Alan from The Hangover when he’s trying to count cards:

The literal sitting President of the United States just made up yet another word and is confusing apostrophes and hyphens in the year of our lord 2019. I wish I were kidding. I want to wake up, look around, and laugh at this wild dream I’ve been in for nearly three years, but unfortunately, the reality of our situation is that Donald Trump can’t even spell “describing” properly.

I’d like to give anyone the benefit of the doubt when it comes to Twitter. Time and time again I’ve sent a tweet and forgotten a letter or realized hours later that I spelled something wrong. That’s the nature of the game on a website where you cannot edit tweets. But the president was so focused on mistaking an apostrophe for a hyphen that he made up a word (I’m assuming he was going for li’l, in which you might actually expect an apostrophe) and misspelled describing (a relatively easy word, if we’re being honest).

Whatever word Trump actually meant, we shouldn’t have to sit here and try to understand what the flying f**k the actual president is saying.

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