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The Best Apps For Following Tonight’s Polls

Earlier today we offered readers who are tired of the election a brief respite with a rundown of some of our favorite fictional presidents. Some of you, though, will be following the elections to their bitter end later tonight — or their sweet end, depending on what side of the aisle you sit on. No matter what horse you’re backing, we’ve got some convenient apps for keeping you in touch with the latest polls and election results, figuring out where to vote, and staying busy in what can be some long lines. Because if something is worth doing, it is worth doing in the nerdiest and most obsessive way possible. Of course, we’ll be watching with our friends over at Mediaite, who will be dishing the dirt on the election all day and all night, but that doesn’t mean our phones won’t be doing double duty to keep our fingers on the pulse. And whatever happens, remember — don’t blame us. We voted for Kodos.

Find Your Polling Place — Did you forget to wake up early to vote? It’s not too late. ¬†You can also get a look at where you can vote — and how long you have to get in line — with the VoterHub app from the nonpartisan Voting Information Project, available here for Android and here for iOS.

Kill Time In The Line — VOTE!!! takes its cues from Infinity Blade, but instead of slaying monstrous ogres and evil knights, the less than subtly named VOTE!!! lets you pick your favorite presidential contender and engage in a slobber-knocker with his opponent. Though there’s little as satisfying as simulating the way we’d really like to see presidential elections settled, its’ a real missed opportunity to leave out less well known candidates like Ron Paul, who we would be just terrified to face in a street fight. Dude’s got a look in his eye you don’t want settling on you.

Watch Poll Results Obsessively — Talking Points Memo’s PollTracker app has not only the latest information on the presidential polls, but lets you customize by state and race, so you can sift through the latest polling data on local elections, referendums, and initiatives as well, letting you know whether you should be prepared for an evening of rousing celebrations or crushing defeats. After all, why be sick of just one candidate or race when you can grow disillusioned with the entire political system at the stroke of a touchscreen. That’s the spirit!

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