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Fringe Secrets Await You on Vinyl

Auteur of the weird J. J. Abrams has an established penchant for the music in his projects. Simply uttering the words, “you all everybody” to a LOST fan will lead to untold minutes of Drive Shaft impersonations. And in 2009, he arranged for the release of a song on iTunes by the ultimate LOST MacGuffin, Geronimo Jackson.

However, TVLine is reporting that Abrams has upped the ante with Fringe, going so far as to produce an entire album by faux 70’s rock icons Violet Sedan Chair, having it pressed to vinyl, and secreting into indie record shops across America. Even more teasing is the fact that the albums have allegedly been sitting there for “months.”

The album, called Seven Suns, is more than just a fun tie-in. Each individual pressing is said to contain unique hints, puzzles, and spoilers for new developments on the show. It may even include a cameo by Back to the Future co-star Christopher Lloyd, who will be portraying Violet Sedan Chair’s keyboard player Roscoe Joyce, Walter’s musical idol, in an upcoming episode.

This rabbit hole seems to go fairly deep, with a passing mention made by Wired (April of 2009), and dozens of forum posts trying to decode the mysterious track names. At this stage, there hardly seems to be any consensus on what it all means. But Fringe fans seem to have taken up the cause with gusto, and will hopefully end up supporting their local record shops in the process!

(TVLine via io9, image from Wikipedia)

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