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[VIDEO] TMS Reviews Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman Build-A-Bears



After I wrote about Build-A-Bear‘s new Batman and Superman bears, Build-A-Bear generously sent us our very own Bat-Bear, Super-Bear and Wonder Bear! Note: This isn’t a sponsored post. We just found these bears really cute and thought they’d make a fun short video review.

The bears also serve well as props for a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice chat between Sam and me. Brace yourself for some un-BEARable puns and some great voices. Seriously, whoever did the voices for these bears did a great job.

As you can see, we definitely had a good time with the recordings, the costumes, and the Batmobile that’s available with Bat-Bear. The character logos on the feet and design of their eyes were particularly interesting. What do you make of the fact that Wonder Woman bear’s eyes are different and coded as more “feminine”? The Wonder Woman bear was a pleasant surprise that I didn’t realize the store had, and we’re definitely keeping her around at TMS office (keep an eye out)!

Sam’s favorite was Wonder Womanwhich, if you’ve seen her video on all things Wonder Woman, comes as no surprise. Personally, I had a lot of love for the Bat-Bear. In fact, he’s sitting next to me right now, endearingly growling about how he is the night. Perfect for a good-night cuddle.

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