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The Veronica Mars Movie Is Collecting Cast Members

Good News Everyone!


The Veronica Mars movie that was funded, with the most backers in the history of Kickstarter no less, back in April already had a good number of original players from the television show returning, including Kristen Bell, writer Rob Thomas, Enrico Colantoni as Veronica’s father, and Jason Dohring as Logan. Now we know that two more actors will be returning: Percy Daggs III as Wallace and Chris Lowell as Stosh “Piz” Piznarski.

The Veronica Mars Movie Project has been extremely fortunate so far in rallying not only its former cast, but also its fan base. In the Kickstarter reveal of Daggs’ return, Thomas noted that

“Wallace’s friendship with Veronica has always been one of the foundations of the show… there was never a version of the script that didn’t include him. It just wouldn’t happen.”

Daggs, meanwhile, shared his thoughts on the news on the Veronica Mars Movie Project YouTube page, saying how excited he was to start working on the film and grinning the whole time.

Meanwhile, Wallace’s college roommate Piz will also be returning to the Veronica Mars universe. Chris Lowell thanked fans in a video on the project’s YouTube page for their support, telling the “marshmallows,” as Bell calls the fans, that he would find an excuse to dance in the movie, and generally showing off the enthusiasm that has made the entire project possible.

Given that the movie revolves around “Veronica’s 10-year high scholl reunion,” we could hopefully be seeing a lot more characters from Neptune return in the movie. While Wallace and Piz are huge acquisitions for the film, I wonder who else from the original cast will be returning for the reunion and what the “something big” is that’s bringing Veronica back home.

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