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Venom Will Be Rated PG-13, Making Us Ask Again—Who Is This Movie For?


Despite all its posturing and attempts to seem badass and hardcore, just like Suicide Squad before it, it seems that Venom has fallen into the trap of wanting to be part of a larger cinematic universe and is going to be rated PG-13 instead of R. Which means all the biting scenes and intense impaling will most likely be toned down until the eventual Blu-ray cut of the film.


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Polygon reported that this rating is now officially reflected on Sony’s official page, a month before the movie is slated to appear the theaters. Erik Davis, the managing editor at Fandango, is speculating that this is because the studio might want Venom and Spider-Man to eventually face off and a PG-13 rating makes that more possible than an R rating. Which sure, that would make sense if Deadpool and Logan didn’t exist.

As someone who was already underwhelmed by the whole Venom thing, every time I see a trailer for the film I can’t believe that someone let Tom Hardy walk out with that accent. Yet, for the promise of some R-rated human eating, I would gladly use my AMC pass to go see Venom. Now, I’ll still go see it with my AMC pass, but I know that this movie is going to be more “turd in the wind” than people eating.

The fear of not being able to cross over the Venom and Spider-Man universes makes little sense to me. I’m sure people would expect the tone for Venom as a character to shift as he is moved into the more “family-friendly” MCU proper. Plus, after Spider-Man 3, people would just be happier to see Venom done right than worrying if he will be restrained by a PG-13 movie. He’s a comic book character, he’s lived in a PG-13 world before, and he could go back to that again if he met up with Spidey.

If we are going to do a stand-alone movie with villains who kill, let them kill, let them be bad. LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR!


Plus, a wide audience of people will see this movie regardless of if it is PG-13 or R, comic book movies have proven to be able to excel at the box office with being R-rated. The only reason not to do it, as far as I’m concerned, is because they are looking for some more of that sweet joint-Marvel money and if the movie is bad, they want as many youths to see it as possible to make up for it not being good enough.

Well, Oct 5th isn’t too far away; we will see how badly the turd smells. At least the cast is hot.

(via Polygon, image: Sony)

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