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Venom 2 Basically Confirmed With a New Screenwriter, so Ready Your Fanfic

Tater tots and chocolate for all!

Tom Hardey We Are Venom

Venom might be one of 2018’s biggest cinematic surprises. With a marketing campaign hellbent on selling Venom as a grimdark horror-superhero blend, the film itself was best received as a buddy comedy/queer romance between Tom Hardy’s journalist and his symbiote alter ego/boyfriend. Sure, there was some body horror, a few heads bitten off, but the real heart of the film was the undying love between man and alien.

There’s even a kiss to prove it!

Naturally, since the film has made more money than plenty of its competition, a sequel seemed all but guaranteed. In an interview with Discussing Film, as reported by IGN, co-screenwriter Jeff Pinker said, “I can’t say anything other than that it is happening,.” He also said, when asked if he was writing the film, “I am not. As of right now, I am not.”

This is the first mostly official confirmation that Venom will ride again, so I suppose we can start celebrating. It would be more shocking if they didn’t announce a sequel at this point, with the box office draw Venom has proved to have. The film itself sowed seeds for a sequel in the mid-credits scene, where Eddie interviewed Cletus Kassidy (Woody Harrelson), the man who would be Carnage.

There’s a ready-made villain and plot right there.

However, it might be wise of whoever takes over the writing gig to lean a bit more into the Eddie/Venom subtext that frequently goes into the canon realm in the comics. The majority of the fanbase was there for Eddie/Venom, so give the people what they want—maybe not a hardcore symbiote-on-man sex scene, because we’ve seen the fan art, but just more banter and fluff between them.

Maybe even make the weird OT3 dynamic of their relationship with Anne (Michelle Williams) even more pronounced.

There’s also the coming meet-up between Venom and Spider-Man, most likely played by Tom Holland (I only say “most likely” because we go through Spider-Men like the sitting president goes through chiefs of staff). Venom and Spider-Man are famously enemies in the comics, so we can expect that they’ll smack each other around a little in the coming film, which begs the question … why would they be enemies in this universe?

Their backstories have been so changed that Venom wouldn’t hate Spider-Man currently, and neither would Eddie. Therefore, a Spider-Venom team-up would probably be more successful than a Batman v Superman showdown. Peter and Eddie team up to solve a mystery, and their alter egos fight by night to help figure out what’s going on.

When their secrets are revealed, there’s a great banter scene. Spider-Man tries to talk Venom out of biting off heads. Basically, bring the comedy and hold the drama.

Usually, I’m not one to lean heavily into pure fanservice, but Venom owes some of that box office gold to the fandom. Playing to them without going full queerbaiting—because no one wants that nonsense—will keep the interest in the franchise going. Venom‘s strength is that unique core relationship. Let that flourish, and the recipe for success is in place.

(via IGN, image: Sony)

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