Scheana Shay with her hand on Ariana Madix sitting with Lala in Vanderpump Rules

The Drama of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 11 Continues With Scheana Shay Proving You Cannot Trust Her!

Vanderpump Rules has been taking over Bravo for ten seasons but it really took the world by storm in 2023. Why? Because we all collectively joined together to get angry at Tom Sandoval. And rightfully so. We all hate that guy.

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Now, as we’re getting ready to see the aftermath of “Scandoval” and what happened during the filming of season 11, we’ve now gotten our first real look into what happened after everything was said and done. “Scandoval” may have taken over the zeitgeist for months on end, but season 11 of the series is showing us another moment looming over the former wait staff of Lisa Vanderpump’s Sur restaurant, and it isn’t looking pretty.

The new trailer for season 11 is providing us with all the gossip, drama, and more in the aftermath of Tom Sandoval cheating on Ariana Madix with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, and that doesn’t seem to be enough drama for them all. Because really, when is that ever enough for the “friends” of Vanderpump Rules? When there is one cheating scandal, there are about 20 more waiting to come out of the darkness and consume this group of friends, and that’s exactly what seems to be waiting for us in season 11.

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When are we heading back to Sur?

Much like season 10, we are heading back to sunny California this coming January with a season 11 premiere date of January 30th at 8/7c. Scandoval took over most of 2023 because it was the first big thing of the year. Whether or not this new big scandal from Vanderpump Rules will be the next cultural moment of the world, I don’t know, but it does feel like Scheana Shay is trying to have her moment as well.

Which leads us into the sneak peek of the Season 11 trailer and boy oh boy is this a lot to unpack …

Our first look into the crew after Scandoval

So to break down the back to back blows: It seems like Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz are both making out with the same girl and both have crushes on her, and to top that off, Scheana Shay at some point made out with Schwartz in Las Vegas when he was with Maloney after years of trying to be friends with her? Oh what a great friend you are, Shay.

Still, no one is as bad as Tom Sandoval, who still is trying to make us all feel bad for him in this sneak peek because he just had to cheat on Ariana Madix. Honestly, I cannot wait to watch this season full well knowing just how absolutely horrible he is given how most of season 10. We didn’t know the full scale of what he did until the very end of the season.

Who are all still friends after everything?

What we know about who is and isn’t coming back is simply that most the cast is returning except for Leviss and that this trailer does make it seem like our favorite villain to hate, Jax Taylor, is back in action. So this does seem like a season that no one is going to want to miss from the crew at Vanderpump Rules.

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