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The Most Unexpected Cameo From Thor: Ragnarok’s Deleted Scenes


At last, there’s footage of a Marvel in-joke that seems to have been shot during Ragnarok’s filming as an extra from the start.

I mentioned the inclusion of this scene on Thor: Ragnarok‘s extras before, but here it is in the (blue) flesh. The setup is that Skurge is threatening an Asgardian with execution at Hela’s behest, so that they will give up the location of Heimdall &Co.’s this-is-totally-not-a-hall-out-of-Lord of the Rings hangout.

Then someone from behind the Asgardian crowd yells for Skurge to stop, and it’s … Yondu! “Easy does it, hoss,” he says to Skurge by way of greeting.

Yes, our favorite accidental Mary Poppins cosplayer and much better father figure to Peter Quill than his dick of a living planet actual father is inexplicably on Asgard. Actor Michael Rooker is even in costume, with full blue makeup and prosthetic head fin.

yondu mary poppins

Turns out Yondu isn’t there to stop Skurge from executing anyone. He says he’s looking for “Kevin and Lou’s office,” a shoutout to Marvel Studios co-presidents Kevin Feige and Louis D’Esposito, and once pointed in the right direction, tells Hela and Skurge to carry on.

Of course, this “cameo”—aside from being a big in-joke—is also extra surprising because Yondu died heroically saving Quill (no, YOU’RE crying) in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. Otherwise, it’s actually kind of reasonable that Yondu could end up wandering around Asgard. And we can dream: people don’t have to stay dead in comics-land, and with Adam Warlock rumored to be a big part of the third Guardians of the Galaxy, who knows what strange visions could be seen or unlikely happenings happen?

Maybe Rooker went on to have a super productive conversation with Kevin and Lou? Either way, he’s a good sport for stopping by Asgard and committing to this bit.

(images: screengrab/Marvel)

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