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Let’s Celebrate Thor: Ragnarok‘s Digital Release With Some Movie Gags

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You can finally watch Thor: Ragnarok in the comfort of your own home, and the digital edition comes chockful of bloopers, shorts, and deleted scenes—including one with … Yondu?

Marvel put out a new promo for the movie’s digital release today, which shows some new bloopers and gags and highlights Ragnarok‘s delightful, bizarre comic sensibility.

I never knew how much I needed to see Cate Blanchett in a motion capture suit dragging Chris Hemsworth across the floor, or Chris Hemsworth in full Thor gladiator gear playing air guitar, but there we go.

The digital edition’s extras feature a very out-of-left-field cameo: everyone’s favorite Ravager/dad figure Yondu in an unlikely appearance. has the details:

The scene in question comes in the middle of a public execution on Asgard. Skurge (Karl Urban) is about to kill an Asgardian woman for opposing Hela (Cate Blanchett), when all of a sudden someone from the crowd yells for him to stop.

In front of a blue screen, Yondu pushes through the crowd, wearing his sunglasses and Ravager jacket. He stops the execution to ask where Kevin and Lou’s offices are. Once he’s pointed in the right direction, he tells Skurge to proceed with what he’s doing, and the extras standing behind him begin to laugh.

yondu in thor ragnarok

(screengrab via Studios)

Since Yondu is dead as of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (no, I didn’t watch it again the other night and cry about him a lot, why do you ask?) this was clearly set up as a fun gag from the start. Still, for Michael Rooker to get into full costume just for an extended Marvel in-joke—that’s dedication.

I can’t wait until the full gag reel officially makes its way to the Internets, but in case your appetite for Ragnarok is whetted, please watch this other gag reel released a little while ago and hosted by the ringmaster of the wonderful, colorful Thor 3 circus, Taika Waititi. Seriously, even just his voiceover during the opening Marvel credits alone is worth your click.

And if you missed it, here’s the new “Team Darryl” short starring Jeff Goldblum:

You can buy the movie right now: Thor: Ragnarok (With Bonus Content) or, if you’re more of a hold-it-in-your-hands type, the DVD/Blu-ray will be out March 6th, which is right around the corner.

I haven’t been shy about this being one of my absolute favorite movies of the year (and possibly ever) so if you didn’t make it to the theater for Ragnarok, trust me in that it will make for a worthy night at home. If the madcap humor isn’t your cup of tea, it helps that the movie as a whole is just stunning to look at. Plus you’ve got family melodrama, badass women, friends from work, and Jeff Goldblum playing Jeff Goldblum ruling a dissolute planet in outer space.

See you on Sakaar!

(via, image: Marvel Studios)

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